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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Mr. Fiesta, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Mr. Fiesta

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    Will both play the first game
    Apparently, there hasn't been any separation between the two. I don't like the two qb system but I don't make the decisions....
  2. WorsterMan

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    Really? Here we go again [​IMG]
  3. PropositionJoe

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    methinks this is a smokescreen. i read somewhere that harsin said the same thing before the holiday bowl and it didnt happen.
  4. Mr. Fiesta

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    Prop - That could be the situation, maybe Harsin doesn't want to give away who is going to start. However, I can see the reason for this in a big game (I know, all games are big) but not the opener.
  5. notanative

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    An interesting take on a two-quarterback situation was in SI a couple of issue back - writing about the Sanchez/Tebow tandem and the NY Jets. The gist of the article was that it's production that matters, and if it takes two quarterbacks to get you the production you need, that's what you do. Maybe some thought needs to be given to getting past thinking that we need A quarterback to thinking we have two quarterbacks, which gives us more options.
  6. drborange

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    Have we named any starters yet?
    Who is the #1 RB?
    Hell, just wait for the game and then see who starts where.
    All the talk really does not matter one way or the other.
    Just can't wait for the first game I can see.

  7. H-D Rider

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    Prop... you are $$$!

    Here's my take on Harsin's coach speak...

    "We will be naming a starter next Monday and I also expect the 2nd team Qb to get snaps as well after the game is in hand! I don't expect the ratio to be 50-50, but more like 70-30 just like it has been in practice. You see, we are one play from using the back-up QB, so we must get him in game situations! [​IMG]
  8. ProdigalHorn

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    So far this coaching staff has a pretty solid track record of seeing one QB get a little ahead of the other one, bending over backward to make sure no one thinks it's happening, assuring everyone that both will play, and then play one almost exclusively.

    Ash is the starter. I would be shocked if "playing both QBs" means anything more than "we'll try to work Case in for a few series here and there." It may not look that way against the early competition since they figure they can win with anyone. I expect them to rotate more early, hope someone steps up, but likely once OSU comes around, it will be Ash unless he screws up or unless McCoy just lights it up.
  9. dillohorn

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    Just win. [​IMG]
  10. rememberthealamo

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    basically I agree with prodigal horn,however prior to holiday bowl Harsin was unequivocal that Ash would start...and according to the coaching criteria of protecting the ball execution and what has been reported on their respective performances,I cant see how this is now a tossup situation...Ash has the perfect skill set to make this offense hum and the clear upside that needs nourishment to be realized ... name the starter by Monday coaches and stop this is insulting to everyone
  11. Clean

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    Me no likey.

    Can anybody remember a football team, college or pro, that contended for the MNC/Super Bowl without an established starting qb? I can't.

    They've also apparently decided not to play Overstreet in the Wild formation. Only running backs, including Bergeron, Gray, and Brown, will man that position. I suppose that means Overstreet and Brewer redshirt unless catastrophe strikes.
  12. PropositionJoe

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  13. Mr. Fiesta

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    Both looked good in the practices that I watched but I particularly liked watching Ash. Very intense and competitive.
  14. bystander

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    I understand having a 2-deep roster but when it comes to quarterback I don't think you can win consistently with one foot on the boat and the other on the dock. I think they can be smart about it and prepare the backup and in fact I think Mack has taken heat in the past by not doing that so maybe that's all this is but if one guy is better than the other then that's the guy you need to develop. To stunt him just so we have a back-up ready seems to be an anchor that needs to be managed properly. There's no definitive answer in terms of 70-30 (ok maybe that's the answer) but a rythm needs to be established especially in the first quarter when the game is still close.
  15. PropositionJoe

    PropositionJoe 2,500+ Posts reporting (via twitter) that ash will be the starter.

    but also reporting that applewhite is saying that both will play.

    just fyi
  16. Third Coast

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    Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but I take all this talk about playing two QBs to mean we still don't have a QB.

    I just hope the offensive line can run block ...and avoid penalties that result in 3rd and long situations.
  17. notanative

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    Re: ...we still don't have a QB.

    You are correct. We have two.
  18. rememberthealamo

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    I guess they read my earlier post
  19. WestGAHorn

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    Ash has been the clear starter for some time. McCoy will have a package of plays that they will run from time to time but it won't be anything substantial. McCoy will get most of his reps in mop up duty.
  20. Texas Taps

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  21. hornx6

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    Moreso than trying to make the fandom crazy, I think when mack makes up his mind on something, he's all in. Don't forget he blames the AL loss on not having properly prepared a backup who could play. That doesn't excuse establishing a more clear depth chart, but do think we'll see plenty of two QB play until he retires.
  22. Statalyzer

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  23. #2is#1

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  24. hornpharmd

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    I am fine with both QBs playing some and both QBs getting reps. So long as Ash is getting at least 70% of the reps and most of the work with the #1 unit. We need to have McCoy ready to play in case of injury or subpar performance by Ash. My feeling this year is that the running game is going to be explosive and powerful. They are going to dominate the line of scrimmage and pass plays are going to be play action, rollout, or shorter screens for the most part. Ash can do all of this just fine.
  25. I35

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    I seem to have much more confidence than most here with Ash. Maybe because I choose to remember how he played late in the season rathers than earlier in the season last year. Going into the spring last year he was the 4th string QB and really was the 3rd string QB this time last year. He was a year removed from high school and found himself starting against OU. The speed of the game that early in college was too much not to mention he only had a limited amount of plays he could run. Fast forward to the end of the season and he was playing some damn good football.

    I think he had the whole off-season and plenty of reps leading up to this first game this year to prepare for the season. I really do think we have a QB that will have a ton more confidence, that's use to the the speed of college football, and will make major strides this season. [​IMG]

    TEXnSEATTLE 1,000+ Posts

    I do NOT care!!! long as whoever they put in completes all their passes and runs for 10+ yards per carry.... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  27. Statalyzer

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  28. PropositionJoe

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    folks on twitter are saying that the first depth chart has been released and ash is listed as the starter.

    no "OR" this he's definitely the starter.
  29. MeaHorn

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