Ash, Edmond stand out in open practice

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by arieshorn, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Man football season can't get here any sooner.


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    From Burnt Orange Nation: Link

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    Watching a replay of practice on the LHN (I know I am one of the fortunate few). In watching the o-line v. d-line one on one drills, the d-line looks very good and dominating. The o-line has a looooooong way to go in pass blocking.
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    Dudes, David has made so much progress that it isn't even funny. He was throwing that ball in some tight windows, his body has really filled out, and he's increasingly aware of when he should tuck it and run it ----- and the kid can run. He's an excellent all-around athlete.

    Colt and Vince both red-shirted. David should have, too, but we didn't have that luxury. After working with Harsin the rest of the spring, the summer 7 on 7's, and summer practices, you're going to see a pretty darn good QB next fall. Not only that, but Harsin will be much more aware of what Ash can and can't do.

    Our QB play will be significantly improved. It's depth at QB that I worry about.
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    Depth is going to be an issue. But we have Brewer backup role if needed.

    I also think Ash will benefit by having a healthy reloaded backfield.

    I heard that Bryant Jackson also looked good.
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    I don't know for sure about the forearms, but he's got the biceps and calves to be Big 12 Good. [​IMG]

    My biggest concern for now is, where the hell is LHN on my carrier?! Is this outside the abilities of President Powers, Dodds and the State Legislature? Can Obama do anything about it? If so, he's got my vote. [​IMG]
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    once we get contraceptives to Georgetown ,we need to go to congress...
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    The Link

    You mean this thing.

    Password is HookEm.
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    Glad to hear about Ash improving as a QB. I didn't get a chance to see either practice so I appreciate the updates. Who I'm surprised to hear about is Mike Davis. It sounds like he's really working hard. I thought he was done, but I'm glad to be wrong. I heard he made a great play on an underthrown pass from Ash. At the end of last year, that pass might get picked off due to a lack of effort to fight for the ball. Before we nit pick Ash for the underthrown ball, all QB's throw them sometimes. Also, WRs are on scholarship to catch every ball in their reach. But good to hear both players improving by leaps and bounds.

    Also glad to hear about Edmond. That guy is a beast.
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    I don't know about the rest of you but Ash is my QB. I am 100% behind him. He wil lead us to a 10 win season, at a minimum.
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    I don't know if Viper is a coach or a scout, but he did stay at Holiday Inn Express last night. [​IMG]
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    NB, Holy Moly and all things Texas, that is awesome! Thanks!!

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
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    yes, he never moved. he was a statue. he even took the snap that way. he hops off the field in that position so he does not move.
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    He never actually threw the ball. They just had him pose for the picture like that.
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    ViperHorn, I'm not sure what you were expecting from his last game vs Cal to the opening of spring practice? He is showing improvement according to the observers. Wouldn't that be enough at this time of the offseason? It's not like he can take a magic pill and start passing like Colt McCoy.
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    Hey, thanks NBHorn - the link works, but nothing on right now (5 March 2012 @ 1315) except a couple of screensaver type pics. I'll check back - is there a particular time that's good, better, best?
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    I do like the release point being at or above his head. Not sure if he is stepping into the throws and off the front or back from that photo.

    I like where he holds the ball and his release point vs. Case's.

    Just something I noticed in the ever telling still photo's at Mack Brown's . com.
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    Check for more LHN for Tuesdays baseball game.
    Same link and password.

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