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Discussion in 'Rusty's Grill' started by Burnt Orangeman, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Burnt Orangeman

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    This is one area where Houston beats Austin mainly because of demographics.

    So what are your recommendations for Asian food in Austin?

    Yesterday I tried the Seadragon on 183 X Ohlen Road and it was truly outstanding Vietnamese/Chinese.

    I like Sarovar for Indian but only if you order off the menu, the buffet sucks.
  2. South Austin

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    Sunflower for pretty darn good Vietnamese food.

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  4. Smurfette

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    I like 888 on Oltorf for Asian-- I think they do mostly Vietnamese. They have a buffet at lunch M-W-F that's very good too.

    I like Clay Pit and Star of India for Indian.
  5. fhetw

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  6. Tailgate

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    Madam Mams does very good Thai.
  7. TRRW#31

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    the pho at Pho Saigon is amazing. best in Austin [​IMG]
  8. Son of a Son

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    Thai Kitchen, one on Guadelupe and one in Westlake, is VERY good.

    I have also been pleased with Pho on Guadelupe.
  9. Burnt Orangeman

    Burnt Orangeman 1,000+ Posts

    Madam Mams will show you a good Thai.
  10. UTEE

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    My favorite pho in Austin is at Tan My (formerly Tan Tan) on Ohlen.
  11. gridhorn

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    I like several Thai restaurants in Austin, but my current favorite is Muang Thai near Lakeline Mall.

    Tarka is a more recent addition to Austin's Indian restaurant list - great food and styled after Pei Wei. I believe it was started by the Clay Pit folks.

    Triumph Café on Spicewood Springs has been my choice for Vietnamese food for several years.
  12. Son of a Son

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    Muang Thai is great, and the sad part is I live just a mile or two from there and only discovered it about a month ago.
  13. scottsins

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    Din Ho used to be my favorite Chinese in Austin. Then, I tried Asia market Cafe.

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