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  1. Dionysus

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    4-game series in NY. Game 4 ongoing now, Astros lead the series 2-1 going into today.

    Stros did a combined no-hitter on the hot 52-20 Yanks yesterday. Here’s how it looks so far today. I probably jinxed it.

  2. Dionysus

    Dionysus Admin Admin

    Of course the Yanks homered as I was posting! :whiteflag: :smile1:

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    Sorry, as much as I would like to appreciate how good Houston is and has been for the last seven years, every time I see something on them now I can't help but immediately think "yep just keep on banging that trashcan Houston."

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  4. 2003TexasGrad

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    So the Astros no hit the Yankees for 16 straight innings?
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  5. mb227

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    Yeah...problem is that the few hits they gave up from the 7th inning on yesterday all seemed to go over the fence.
  6. 2003TexasGrad

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    Yep. That's the Yankees. The Astros could have swept the series except for literally 3 hits at the end of games 1 and 3.
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  7. NJlonghorn

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    Yep. And the could’ve lost all 4 except for a couple of fly balls that fell just short.
  8. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad OSU Game Prediction Champion

    Possibly, but the Astros were up 3 runs late in both games and the bullpen blew leads. It's different when you're winning the game and blow it.

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