At A Crossroads?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by dukesteer, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. dukesteer

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    Not to be overly dramatic but as was pointed out to me, these next four games could have far reaching implications. Consider this...

    TAM just received two 5 star commitments after a “loss” to Clemson, they’re riding high with Fisher, we’re hearing the SEC argument again and Forbes just proclaimed theirs the most financially powerful program in the country. Texas has been displaced in that category, and by the Aggies.

    OU appears to have reloaded without skipping a beat, Murray looks like a world beater and they are killing it — so far — on the recruiting trail. Riley is perceived as being one of, if not “the” best and brightest young coaching talents.

    We really need to do something to make a splash or we may fall way behind and take years to catch up. When have “both” TAM and OU had this level of momentum at the same time?

    So these next four games are really critical. We desperately need a win Saturday. Regardless of the caliber of USC this year, they are a very high profile program and a win could springboard the program. Carry that through to TCU and now we are really cooking. A loss to USC would represent a critical, lost opportunity.

    The program is in a precarious position at the moment IMHO. I guarantee you that folks like CDC know it. They have to be concerned.
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  2. utxhorns32

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    I couldn’t agree more.
  3. Dionysus

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    Time for Team Herman to produce.
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  4. Badass

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    Agree with you Duke
    add to your post the number of recruits who will be attending the USC game makes this one of the biggest games of the Herman era
  5. Creek

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    It seems like we get everyone we want -almost-no matter what our record.
  6. dukesteer

    dukesteer 2,500+ Posts

    Perhaps that’s because, lately, we’re an easy “W” “against a high profile opponent,” which is good for their resume?

  7. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    Spot on Duke.
  8. Detective Shilala

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    It aint going to get any easier, that's for sure. Strong missed some great opportunities to turn the corner when the time was right, and Herman missed some last year too.
  9. caryhorn

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    Yes^^^ Actually, I would say that he's missed the train on a number of them. Certainly last year's game against TTU, Md, and this year against Md.
    He has to show 1) the team is ready to play, 2) the team can perform in crunch time, 3) the team can win the big game.
  10. Giovanni Jones

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    I worry about us becoming the Ole Miss of the Big 12. Great traditions and past glories ...
  11. nashhorn

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    Becoming Giovanni?
  12. Badass

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  13. dukesteer

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    I think this was a huge win. The fact that USC may or may not be down is less significant to me than the performance I saw tonight. Although we need to validate the win next week, this could be a momentum changer. In fact, I can’t remember a better performance at a critical time for this program since the 2009 season.

    Playmakers you ask? Man, I saw them all over the field tonight. CJ, LJH, and what about Caden Sterns? Wow did the freshmen step up. And Sam had by far his best game as a Horn. Gotta give him props.

    OK, it’s just one game, but a very important one...

    I continue to contend that we have the talent. Simply, we have lacked the confidence and the coaching. We got both in spades tonight.
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  14. LonghornDave

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    And now we have a running back in the 2019 class!
  15. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    So did we take a left, a right or go straight at the crossroad?
  16. SabreHorn

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    From having seen the game live, but yet to watch a recording. I would say that e stepped out in the middle of the intersection. The next two weeks will tell us if:

    1) we stepped out in front of an 80,000 pound Kenworth

    2) avoided being hit on the curb by a drunk driver

    3) took the first step toward the goal

    We played the best complete game we've played in years, but there was still plenty of mistakes that need to be corrected.

    While we have come close, we did not go "down to the crossroads" as our friends in Brazos County did. As I've told friends, we need to change the highway signs in Brazos County from 6 & 21 to 49 & 61.

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