At this point of the season do you think we make Omaha??

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Will this 2022 team make it to Omaha?

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    LHABSOB 1,000+ Posts

    I know it's easy to throw stones after the last couple of weeks but if you had to put all your chips on Red or Black on the Roulette wheel do you think we make it to Omaha?
  2. aUTfan

    aUTfan 500+ Posts

    We lost to the aggies last year and 2-3 to texas tech. I don't like it but I will trade those stats for a trip to Omaha. This team still has great pitching and it will show soon enough and when it counts in the post season.

    There are no guarantees though, but this is still a really good team and quite capable of making it to Omaha.

    I never lost faith in Nixon, he came in last night and shut the door. He's pitched one bad inning this year, and had one bad inning looking down with a runner on third. Harrison is also reliable. So far, Stevens and Hansen have had one bad outing. They are still rock solid starters and in my opinion both in the top 10 pitchers in the country. The offense is hitting better than last year so i do expect this team to perform well in the post season. Gordon is looking better, I still don't have complete confidence in him but its building.

    People need to settle down a little bit, this team needed adversity, I would have been very worried had they gone through the season without any hiccups, see Arkansas last year.
  3. UT Horn Fan

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    This was the year to get it done. All the stars alligned - hitting, pitching, defense. The 2023 team will look nothing like the 2022 one. Not saying they'll all be drafted, but the following will be eligible for the draft or will have used up their eligibility:
    Trey Faltine
    Silas Ardoin
    Skyler Messinger
    Douglas Hodo
    Murphy Stehly
    Peyton Powell
    Ivan Melendez
    Eric Kennedy
    Jace Hutchins
    Pete Hansen
    Tristan Stephens
    Daniel Blair
    Zane Morehouse
    Austin Todd
    Coy Cobb
    Marcus Olivarez
    Sam Walbridge
    Jared Southard
    Cameron Dayton
    Justin Eckhardt

    At least we learned it early. We can make alternate travel plans for the 2nd half of June.

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  4. Chop

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  5. Chop

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  6. Chop

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    Well, let's hope most of them stick around. Any signing bonus <$300K probably isn't smart to take to leave college without a degree in hand. Also, minor league life really sucks. Live it up in college, get your degree, and then go make $$$$$--with fewer years spent in the Hades of the minor league life.

    We only have 3 incoming pitchers from the Class of 2022 (as far as I can tell), but 2 of them are stars: Porchas--all-everything, and the top pitcher in California, and Grubbs--a stud pitcher from Arlington who can really mow them down. Hope they both give college ball a try for at least a few years before their big league careers.

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Yes. As much as the 8-8 over the last 16 has sucked, this is an elite team with elite talent. They need to get their heads right and they need to finish in the top two of Big XII which will likely get them a national seed and a home run through the regionals and super regional.
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  8. aUTfan

    aUTfan 500+ Posts

    lol, I really don't know how this is going to go but baseball is a very funny sport.

    I can't remember what year it was but Huston Street was the closer and we didn't get the national seeding, we were bracketed with Fla. St. and the Fla. St. crowd threw an absolute fit over it knowing that they got raped with Texas in their bracket. they lobbied the ncaa and tried everything possible to get it changed, its not going to change once that comes out.

    .......And they were right, even though Fla. St. was a strong squad, we came in with a lackluster ranking but the most dangerous team in college baseball and they knew it. We won that super and went on to Omaha.

    Also, one year we had to travel to Ole Miss to do the same, it was a heck of a series, Ole Miss was probably the second best squad in the country and that was a knock out drag out fight. Our Texas boys don't take squat in the playoffs and Im not expecting them to take squat this year either.

    I don't know what it is and it may not happen like that this year but this is why I love Texas baseball, it happened last year and I hope it happens this year but when they get to the playoffs, they. just. refuse. to. lose. Somehow they pull it out and its amazing to watch these guys march through to Omaha.
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    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    :arrow-up: You are talking about '03 when Texas went to Tallahasse and '05 when the Horns went to Ole Miss.

    Horns need to finish in top two and maybe even top three of Big XII, remember last year Big XII had 3 national seeds and it is stronger league this year.
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  10. STHAustin

    STHAustin 250+ Posts

    I will continue to make hotel reservations for the championship series every year until I'm too feeble to go--just in case Texas makes it. I'm not as optimistic as I was a few weeks ago, but hey--it's still early in the season and hope springs eternal.
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  11. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    Do we?

    Seems we are having massive trouble filling the hole left by Whitt's injury.

    We can still make Omaha, of this I have no doubt. But I have gone from feeling it would be a great upset if we didn't make it there to feeling we can still scrap our way there.
  12. Creek

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    Finally we have good hitting but the pitching is down. From what I’m seeing we can take Hansen, Stevens, Lucas, Eckhardt, Cobb, Olivares and Nixon to Omaha and be fine as long as we are in the winners bracket.. The rest of the staff aren’t ready for big time baseball—Harrison, Southtard, Blair, Deplantier or the others. Stehle I’m on the fence.
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  13. aUTfan

    aUTfan 500+ Posts

    yes, but your assessment of having to scrap to get to Omaha was going to happen regardless. College baseball is super competitive, with or without Witt it is going to be a dog fight and anything can happen.
  14. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    Pitching has absolutely collapsed. Whether we make it to Omaha or not will be dependent on if we can get that back in line.

    Since the Shriners Classic we've given up 84 runs in the last 15 games which is about a 5.5 ERA. Six of those games were against COC, Citadel, Incarnate Word and Central Arkansas to "pad" the stats.

    I believe part of that is Pierce leaving pitchers in way too long when they are in trouble. I hope we get this figured out.
  15. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    IDK. How long is poll open?

    I have hope, but no way in heck we make it giving up a dozen runs per game. Seems like the direction we're headed.
  16. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    Went ahead and voted NO based on current state of team, but happy to be wrong.
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  17. Chop

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    YES x 1,000

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  18. Chop

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    well said.
  19. mchammer

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    Give me one more out to decide.
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  20. FWHORN

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    I have to admit doubt crept into my mind Saturday and I was even typing a post about how inconsistency catches up to you eventually but somehow this team had a magical three innings to walk it off Saturday and then just flat out dominated yesterday. They are still relying on a very shaky bullpen and Hansen and Gordon have to come ready to play in Omaha but this team, my gosh this team can be so much fun to watch when they are on.:hookem:
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  21. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    Well scrapped, 'Horns!

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  22. Chop

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    Some young men of good character rose to the occasion.

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  23. militaryhorn

    militaryhorn Prediction Contest Guru

    I thought pitching was going to get us there based on how the year began but evidently it has been our batting lineup that is the most consistent.

    Our batting is scary good but how will it fair against stellar pitching? We shall see.
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  24. p_town_horn

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  26. 2003TexasGrad

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  27. earl77

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    Never so happy to be wrong!

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