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    Could their 2010 MNC be vacated?

    The link
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    Sounds like Mike McNeil had an axe to grind.
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    An SEC team cheating - how shocking!!

    More information: Link

    Pay attention to a certain current Head coach at Florida reported participation.
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    Well, well, well...perhaps that's one reason why some recruits want to play in the SEC. [​IMG]

    In other news, water is wet.
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    dodging bullets comes to mind.
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    I'm told that the next hit piece drops today at 3. ESPN, focused on "spice" (synthetic marijuana) use among team members.
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    If McNeil is sent to prison, they should put him in the same cell with the guy who poisoned the trees at Auburn.
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    I agree with Third Coast. Thank goodness Will and Gene left here. We have enough problems.
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    Some of y'all watch too much TV. do you really think Will Muschamp was willy nilly tossing around cash, and the police engaged in a massive conspiracy to frame McNeill to cover it up?
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    Laphro I can understand being true to your school, but there is so much fire around that 2010 NC team. It is like Lance Armstrong, there only so many times you can use the defense before the sheer weight of all the various stories and allegations add up.

    That NC was bought and paid for with Cam and certainly appears to have been helped along by a lot of other highly unethical and illegal activities.
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    No and mostly because it would be you that started the threads. Not to mention FW is awesome and you are not.
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    So the other players mentioned in the article are claiming they were misquoted.

    I wonder if this Selena Roberts has any corroboration, such as recordings of the interviews to back up her story. She doesn't appear to be just another internet blogger. Hard to imagine that she would make this up, unless she had ulterior motives.

    Roberts did attend Auburn 25 years ago and was a sports editor for the school paper. Perhaps she has an old rusty axe to grind of her own. Just speculating ...
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    Quite possible. And if she is making this stuff up, misquoting on purpose, she needs to pay a stiff price for it.
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