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    "Minor" wrist surgery is in the eye of the beholder. Typically it is minor for others but always MAJOR for me. Minor and surgery are mutually exclusive. Perhaps AAG is the exception and will be back this year. But "indefinite" is much worse than "day to day". Hope she can be back for the NCAA Tourney. I cant believe she will be back for the next few games and since the B12 Tourney is so many games in a row, that is iffy as well. Now that I have gotten my negativity out..........heal quickly AAG.
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    If we have her for the second round of NCAA's, we will be lucky..JMHO...we may not get her back at at all...:idk::hookem2:
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    On Coach Aston's show on Tuesday, she talked about Senior Day on 02/27. Said that they would be honoring three seniors, but only Ariel and Brooke would "see the court". So, that's a different tune completely than her "day to day" comments several days ago.

    So, Big 12 tourney at the earliest is optimistic, IMO.
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    I did not see Audrey-Ann on the bench at all against Baylor. Anyone see her?

    Very surprised she wouldn't be at the game, even if just in street clothes.
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    AA was not at the game. I was specifically looking for her and she was not in attendance.
  6. BBV_Horn

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    Sadly, I do not think she will return to the court..this is a blow to our remaining games, esp. NCAA's...heartbreaking...:hookem:
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    What about next year? Any chance the Caron-Goudreaus swap hair color and pull a Parent Trap? :D
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    So, what's the latest?

    Obviously, AA attended her first game since the injury. Not reading anything into that as it was Senior Day, so it was kind of mandatory.

    In the video conference a day before the game, a reporter asked AAA about her injury, and all she said was that she wasn't able to comment on that. So, again, definitely not anything encouraging.

    Have no idea if she's even been cleared to practice. I'm not expecting her to play in OKC. So, I'm modifying my hope that she is ready for the first weekend of the NCAA tourney. Not to take anything for granted, but perhaps we can advance to the Sweet 16 without her seeing the court; that would allow her even more time to heal and not risk re-injuring herself.

    But, the downside is missing all that time away from the flow of the game, and just expecting her to return to the level of play she was displaying prior to the injury. Don't want to be unrealistic with my expectations.
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    Obviously, other than minimal info, Audrey-Ann and her family do not feel it necessary to be giving out info on her injury as is their right.

    Like many others, I hope that she has a chance to come back and play this year, either during the Big 12 tournament (which I consider unlikely) or the NCAAs (better chance but still uncertain).

    It's a wrist injury so she will be able to do conditioning work once cleared by the doctors. Should she come back, it won't take that long to get back into sync since she has not been out as long as, say, Joyner was. Even if she just comes off the bench for a few minutes a game, her being there would provide a lift for the team, imo.
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    I never expected to say this after an uneven first season at Texas last year. But this year, Audrey became the core of our defense. If an opposing player penetrated, Audrey was there to take a charge, block or alter a shot.

    She will be missed until next year when we will enjoy an upgrade in the low post.
  11. JoeDallas

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    We will have an upgrade in the low post, but I doubt if Collier or Prince will learn to play defense like Audrey-Anne for quite awhile.
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    This is a basic question. I don't know where to put it, so will put it here. Is Khaleann going to come back to the team next year? Since she is never mentioned as a senior, I am assuming so?
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    The tradeoff for AA and Holmes really boils down to defense vs. offense. AA a defensive stopper, Holmes more a scorer. Commentators for the OU game were talking about how White and AA had developed great defensive chemistry. Now that she's not there, White has a tendency to get into early foul trouble.
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  14. HornView

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    The wrapping on her wrist/hand on the selection show shot was not encouraging
  15. jusme828

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    Afraid we aren't going to see Audrey play again for Texas.
  16. HornView

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    I hate that for her, the team and the fans. It all came together for her this season and I found myself focusing on her defense quite often off the ball.
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    Yep, sadly, she's done...what a blow...but Khaleann is coming on pretty good..
  18. Karen

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    She is a redshirt junior so she has one more year.
  19. BBV_Horn

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    Yes, which she may use or not...I think it depends on if her sister stays here and goes to grad school or if she is up for it, or??
  20. BabHorn

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    I would expect Audrey-Ann back in about two more weeks, say around the Sweet Sixteen or just after. That will be just able six weeks since her surgery which is usually the normal recovery period for what it sounded they did during the surgery.

    It's also true that she might not recover in time to play again this year, which would be a shame.
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    Where is everyone getting their info about AA ? Just curious if a statement was made by her or the coaches.
  22. BabHorn

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    the surgery statement was released about four weeks ago, a few days after her injury.

    My guess on her possible return is just based on the very general reason they gave for the surgery. That guess is just based on likely recovery times to full use of the joint, assuming no other setbacks. Used to have to estimate probable return to work after treatment of injury in my old job before retirement. But usually had doctor reports to review, unlike here which is why the vagueness of whether or not she will be able to return this season. Her return is possible but if she is not cleared by next weekend, it's unlikely. JMO. Which is likely to be wrong, just to clear things up. :smile1:
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    I was asking about the recent comments made right after Monday's selection show. I felt as if I had missed some formal announcements based on the posts here. Guess it was just posters stating opinions based on seeing her in a cast during the selection show.
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    Hasn't Audrey already played four years?
  25. BabHorn

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    This is Audrey-Ann's fourth year (second at Texas). She graduates this year.
    Khaléann is a RS junior, eligible to return next season, even if she graduates this year.
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  26. BBV_Horn

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    It is Khaleann who may or may not come back next year, not Audrey-Ann...
  27. Malcom

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    Now that we are in the Sweet 16 is there any chance Audrey plays?
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  28. Moooooo

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    Really hope she can return; but, next game is in 4 days.
  29. utfannforlife

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    Doesn't seem all that likely. Watching her yesterday she was really really timid with that hand and protecting it at all times. Not to mention that she still has on a hard cast. I was hoping she'd be in a softer cast which would've been more encouraging.
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    Sorry to hear that, utfannforlife. It really would be great to have her back soon, even if only in a supporting role.
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