Austin Classics (still here)

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by Texoz, Mar 21, 2007.

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    is that the name? geez, i've been going there since undergrad and never even looked at the sign. we all just called it the sunset bar, because that's the best time to go there. anybody know how long it's been since they fired up the griddle behind the counter? that thing has about a quarter inch of dust/grease/whatever caked on it.
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    BasketballJones, I've been going to the Crown & Anchor since my JR year at UT in 1995. Was one of the few places I could drink underage -- my roommates & I lived off Tom Green and we would walk there. They were 21 and I was 20, they woudl buy the pitchers and I would drink them. A few times they would ask for our IDs and then I would conveniently "left it at home".

    Never heard of the Beach.
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    Manchaca Fire Hall?

    and I cant remember how long Players has been there
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    How long has C-Hunt been around?

    That place is allsome. So is the P-Dog!! [​IMG]
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    The Old Pecan St. Cafe was one of the first businesses on 6th that wasn't a beer joint or used furniture store.

    the Driskill

    San Jose Hotel

    Wheatsville Co-op

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