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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by wherzwaldo, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. wherzwaldo

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    I've got a pair of Nike Flexon glasses that are about to break in two places. I don't know if they can be repaired or if I just have to buy new glasses, but I figured I'd try.

    Anyone have a favorite place for getting glasses repaired, or is any optometrist's office good enough?
  2. 14tokihorn

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    Sketchy response, admittedly -

    -have known of a 1 man shop - Koennig @ N. Lamar.

    Its in that mega-strip mall, South (and across Koenig), of the DPS headqtrs.
    IIRC, the shop faces South - so kind of access it by turning there where Jennys used to be, then keep going back behind the shops that face Koenig.

    Haven't been there in quite a while, and do not know how extensive his repair service covers...
  3. AustinTejasFan

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    If you're south, there's a guy with a little repair shop on S. 1st between Stasney and Wm. Cannon.
  4. valencia

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    Try OSA on James Casey across from the hospital
  5. Smurfette

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    The Link

    I bought a pair-- they're not fancy but cute, and true to what the "online try-on" function showed. They arrived in about 3 weeks.

    All that for 12 bucks-- shipping included.

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