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Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by TorontoMick, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Making our annual pilgrimage to Austin this Halloween and hoping anyone could suggest some uniquely Austin restaurants to hit. Have done Threadgills, Guerro's, Chilli Parlour and County Line. Saw a place on food network run by a guy from Senegal that looked really cool. Believe the name was something like "Cazamaque". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hook Em [​IMG] Mick
  2. l00p

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    Hoovers. It is like Threadgills only better, imho. Juan in a Million for TexMex.

    Kerbey Lane for breakfast after partying all night. There are a couple around town but I suggest the one right near campus for the eye candy. Drunk girls (homage to LCD Soundsystem) can be pretty entertaining.
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    If you've only been to County Line for BBQ (ack!), try a better BBQ joint. Franklin's will likely be too crowded. At the minimum, drive out to Salt Lick in Driftwood (get there early, and you bring your own beer). Driving to Lockhart for one of the joints there takes more time, but the que is great.

    Hoover's is better southern home cooking than Threadgill's. Go to the original location on Manor Rd, not the one on 183 north.

    If you want higher end Mexican, go to Fonda San Miguel.
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    John Mueller should have his BBQ trailer open by then.
    He is scheduled to open Sept 26 at 1502 S. 1st Street.
    Should be less crowded than Franklin's (for a few days anyway...)
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    Thanks all. [​IMG] Mick
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    withoutaclue...get the f out!!! Really?

    So Franklin's Jedi Grill Master is back in the game? Nice.
  8. Basketball Jones

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    LOve John Mueller's 'que..
    ...when he cares
    ...when he pays attention to what he is cooking
    ...when it is ready on time and there is enough

    I really hope this incarnation works for him
  9. l00p

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    So very true, B Jones, so true.

    I do remember when he was closed one day and his wife came out to tell us it was because her husband did not get wood that morning. Classic.
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    Thanks again. Hook Em

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