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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LHABSOB, Oct 17, 2023.


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    All tickets for the game are being sold through SeatGeek. I went online today and bought 8 tickets in corner of 300 level. With the fees they came out to just under $250/seat. When we played OU in championship in 2018 the seats I got through LHF were pretty crappy- high in the 400 levels so I am taking a chance that we get there and these will be better seats.

    I am hoping I can get my money back through resell if we don't make it.

    Also taking a risk that I am going to be on OU side.
  2. nashhorn

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    Crap, guess wife and I will watch from home. Things are getting too high for us. Hoping season tickets do not go up next year.
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  3. guy4321

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    $2,000 just spent in tickets? Well, hello Uncle LHABSOB! I'd love to join you there...
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  4. HornHuskerDad

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    Me, too. Price is too high. And if I watch on my big-screen HD, I don't have to pay for parking, pay ridiculous prices for refreshments, or fight long rest room lines.
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  5. utahorn

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    As I've gotten older, that last part has become more important.
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  6. hornde68

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    Went to a World Series game. The beer line was long but the bathroom line longer. The power of suggestion sent me to BR line as soon as I purchased beer. By the time I cleared the BR (an inning and a half later), the beer was half gone. Got in the beer line to finish the beer. Just in time, I got another beer but needed the BR again. Drink, dump, repeat. Praise God they stopped selling beer after 7th inning. I got to watch the 8th, then spent the 9th in BR line. Old men take note. If you want the ‘horns to mount a scoring drive, go buy a beer.
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  7. Horn6721

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    I would hope the new Globelife ball park would have more restrooms than the old stadiums. My experience at Jerryworld is the lines weren't as long and moved faster.
    Cotton Bowl even DKR? Depends

    LHABSOB 1,000+ Posts

    My wife and I took the daughters to Taylor Swift 1989 tour at Jerry's world when they were young. Lots of hot moms there but they had converted 2/3 of the men's rooms into temporary women's restrooms since not many guys like me go to see Taylor Swift. To this day, I think what a waste of all those unused urinals.
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  9. Horn2RunAgain

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    I hope you enjoy our beatdown of ou !

    $2000 would buy a nice set of irons and maybe a Hona putter. Would last for years. It's all about priorities, I know you'll have a great time

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  10. Sangre Naranjada

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    Good plan, 6721. Wearing Depends at the Cotton Bowl could just be a stroke of genius. :smokin:
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  11. George Bailey

    George Bailey No beans in my chili, thank you

    I went to the Colorado game in Houston back in '05, it was a blast. But the B12 could be giving 'em away and I won't go to Jer'ruh's place.
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  12. ViperHorn

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    I was there also. I doubt Klatt remembers much of the game.
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  13. George Bailey

    George Bailey No beans in my chili, thank you

    We were sitting in that endzone, about 20 rows up. We heard Kelson's hit up there.
  14. 1sahorn

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    LHABSOB = my all-time FAVORITE uncle.
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  15. Duck Dodgers

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    My experience is never buy tickets beforehand, as they're expensive and terrible, especially the crap corner end zone upper deck seats the various college athletic departments are given.

    You can always find tickets for sale in front of the stadium, usually for far less than face value. I paid 75 bucks for Fiesta Bowl 96 tickets through the AD - could have had better seats for 5 bucks outside.
  16. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I took my first and last trip to Jer'ruh's place when binder boy lost to OU. It was the worst stadium experience I've ever had from a football watching perspective. It's just not my thing.
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  17. BLucky

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    Mine was for the UCLA fiasco...but same result...not going back...
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  18. guy4321

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    My one and only trip to Jerry World was in December 2009. It's clear McCoy gave us one second left. Sorry, but not sorry NU.
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  19. Pickle_Nuts

    Pickle_Nuts Will travel with tickets.

    I did as well, we were in the club and i went with a CU fan who owns a bar. We spent the 2nd half at one of the bars and Coors was running a tab the entire time, good times.
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  20. Horns11

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    I'm worried about unloading the tickets if we don't make it. The face value on them is too high.

    The 2009 CCG remains the "worst win ever" in my ratings. It exposed our offensive flaws and set us up for "hey what do we do without McCoy and Shipley next year?" and then 2010 hit. Coupled with all those bitter Corn fans in JerryWorld... ugh. Just the worst.
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  21. NRHorn

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    Ive been to the Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium and ‘Jerry World’

    Jerry World is far superior in:
    1Parking lot including Leaving the game
    2 Food Choices (not close)
    3. The width of the concourse
    5. Quantity and Quality of bathroom
    6. Comfort of the stadium

    The only drawback is that screen as everyone, including the players, look at the screen.

    The only
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  22. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 10,000+ Posts

    Yes, that was my point. From a football watching experience it sucks. A giant cavern with a monstrous TV screen in your face. It's almost like the players are insignificant. Not going to argue with the food, etc but that's not why I go.
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  23. NRHorn

    NRHorn 2,500+ Posts

    I agree, live 6 miles from Jerry World and the last time I went i noticed the fans, the players and even coaches watching the play right in front of them looking up… while the play was happening .
    I remember thinking, heck I can save a few hundred and just do this at home.
    It takes the crowd out of the game
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  24. NJlonghorn

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    That’s harder to do now with e-tickets. You pretty much have to buy through an app. But I agree that it’s usually better to wait until closer.
  25. Horns11

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    I live in the area, so if we win tomorrow I'll start casually dropping "oh I totally forgot you work for Dr. Pepper!" into conversations with acquaintances.
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  26. easy

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    Does anyone know how the seating chart will look. They typically split the teams starting in the corners and spread out. Can’t find a seating chart from last year.
  27. Horns11

    Horns11 10,000+ Posts

    The "home" side is the 00s-20s (like 100-120, 200-220, etc.) and the "away" side is the rest of them... like 25s-50s (125-150, 225-250, etc.). That said, I have no idea who is home and who is away.
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  28. Horn6721

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    BUT that will be great info once schools are announced so

    LHABSOB 1,000+ Posts

    Well I guess I'm glad I bought tickets through Seatgeek. I got notification that my request for 2 through Longhorn Foundation won't be filled because we only get 8500 tickets. So much for my many years donating to LHF and my extra donation each year.

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  30. Horn6721

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    Does that mean whoever the schools are each will only get 8500 tix?

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