Babylon AD

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by FondrenRoad, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. FondrenRoad

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    The movie didn't even end. It kind of just stopped.

    Started out okay. Then turned a little stupid. Then it just ended. Worst movie ending ever.
  2. TornACL

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    A friend and I have developed a guilty pleasure of going to see these horrible movies. Babylon AD may be the worst of them all.

    Good God. Inexplicable snowmobile chases and Vin Diesel's completely absent acting skills. A plot so weak that it seems like they cut 40 minutes out of the movie. The stupidest ending in history.
  3. LAktownhorn

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    what do you mean... it just ended? like they ran out of film?
  4. FondrenRoad

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    Without even getting into the dumbass plot, here's the ending.

    The girl is pregnant. They are being chased by some thugs in your run of the mill car chase. They get away. Move to a bedroom. She asks Vin to watch the kids because she is apparently going to die in childbirth. Move to the future. Vin is raising the kids. Done. And that is exactly how quick it was.

    Main bad lady is still around. Is she still after the kids? Who knows? It seemed like hours were cut out of the movie. There were several characters that it seemed like we were supposed to know already. None of the characters were developed.

    The only thing I liked was the scenery, but I like movies based in the future. The world was set up nicely, I thought. The movie in that world was god awful.

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