Bad fan behavior at DKR Saturday night?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Burnt Orange Bevo, Sep 21, 2009.

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    i sit in the alumni section and all the tech fans were well treated. it is not this way in lubbock. if u are going to get near the student section at a night game anywhere, its going to be rough, too many poorly raised kids with alcohol in their systems, not a good combination...but there is a difference between austin and tech, in austin you get a few obscenities thrown you way if you happen to be near a drunk tech you basically fear for your life anywhere in town if you are wearing orange.
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    My observation after 37 years of UT home games and attending numerous away games is that the large majority of fans that travel are not the people that harrass the opposing fans at home. Unfortunately fans that travel suffer the brunt of unacceptable behavior and we always try and make the opposing teams fans welcome at our tailgate when they wander by including an accolade or two for their teams effort. For the most part the bad classless fans from any school are cowards that wont travel to away games.
    I have been to Fayettevile, College Station, Lubbock, Cotton Bowl and Waco numerous times and enjoyed the better fans and their tailgates. The only problems are with the classless fans that most likely never set foot in a university classroom and don't have the money for gas to travel.
    That said, students are students and it is our responsibilty as long time fans to educate them how to act as properly in regards to opposing fans. If you see someone yelling obcenities in the ear of a middle aged couple, you need step up and educate that person.
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    I feel so bad for those poor people having cuss words yelled at them. I hope they are o.k. now.
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    those people from tech are the reincarnation of the devil himself i tell you.

    i think that make them eat **** cheer should shut them up.
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    Did anyone else notice that almost every time the LHB started playing something, the Tech band would immediately start beating their drums really loud and then start playing something to try to drown out our band?
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    If you're a visitor and you're not sitting in the visitor's section, buyer beware
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    i cant believe we are even wasting our time with this, or that its 4 pages now. [​IMG]
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    r.e. yelling during the Tech song after the game-correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it Tech that took advantage of our courtesy in Austin to play a 12 minute or so version of their song while we waited patiently to sing The Eyes on one of their last visits? They actually kept adding more and more verses to the damn thing-wasn't that Tech? It went on forever.
    Sorry, but right after the game in Austin, we should be able to sing The Eyes of Texas. They never give us a quiet moment on the road to sing our alma mater, at least many places don't.
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    Someone was expecting our fans to sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows and singing "Kumbayah" Saturday night? At least, couches are safe from burning here in Austin.
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    Please give an example of "bad treatment"
    If I go to a road game and don't get harrassed by the locals I would feel cheated
    We went to tOSU in 2005 and had a great time despite the drunks
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    As an alum with season tickets for many, many years, UT students' behavior Saturday was appalling, but not unusual. We've been embarrassed for most of the last 10 years. We know it's not everyone, but you get the reputation of the 'loudest among you'. We're waiting for the t-shirts that read: "Come LATE, be DRUNK, stay FOUL-MOUTHED, wear THIS!" Do you have any courage to wear it, or is your courage only in the bottle? The students who finally came before kick off were the same ones who started the Texas Fight cheer during the Tech alma mater. They were the same who change the words in the Texas Fight song to, "Make 'em eat - - - -!" (very audible on tv). They are the same ones that get the better seats while the band gets relocated! They are the same who scoff at the IQ of the Tech students while showing their true IQ by their behavior. WE ARE TEXAS! We should be able to win it on the field and in the stands. Act like you accept the competition because you know TEXAS is the best! Act like you've won before.
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    It's a ball game, not a debate. Are we any less civilized than Yale, where the favorite cheer is "Harvard Sucks"? Are we less dignified than the Brits, or the Germans at one of their soccer matches? I really don't think UT fans are any worse than most college football fans and some people are embarrassed about things that are just harmless fun when the recipients of the foul language consider the forum.
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    So the students were drinking and yelling, "make 'em eat ****." The only reason this is more audible than in the many years past is because they're actually getting to the games before kickoff. And that's an overall good thing. It was a night game, it was billed as a revenge game and they were rowdy. It happens. There weren't any signs of fights in the stands, and no property got destroyed in celebrating an expected win. This is a non-issue.

    Now as for the Tech fans, for the most part everyone we talked with was friendly and ready to watch a good game. There was one couple in our section who were doing everything they could to start something. The woman turned around and taunted an 80-year old man any time she got a chance. Her husband talked **** to anyone walking past him. When the game was over, they tried hard to pick fights and yell about how badly they were being treated. They weren't. Most people were ignoring them or shaking their heads. And yet I have no doubt these people went back and told their friends how crappy they were treated by those arrogant Texas fans.

    I think we're a pretty well-behaved fan base. There are those bad apples that give us all a bad name every once in a while, but you don't hear consistent horror stories out of Austin like you do Arkansas, Columbus and Lubbock.
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    Ok, I think it is really crappy to yell during the other teams school song.

    That being said the cheer started with the students who were on the same side but on the opposite end of the TT band. Having been in this case before it is all but impossible to actually hear the band.
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    If you have to act like a shithook to have "fun" you are pathetic.
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    Seriously..who gives a ****.

    I don't think cheering during their school song is a big deal. Maybe I'm just an *******...but who cares. Now, I didn't participate but I didn't think it was a big deal.

    I've been to many away games (anyone else remember the UCF game??????? NOW that was bad) and fan behavior at other schools is WAY worse.

    I'm not going to get all upset over how a few tech fans were yelled at. Sorry dude..don't sit in the student section.
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    The whole "make 'em eat ****" is way over the top. I'll have 2 of my younger kids at the game next week. How does one explain that in a fight song? Geez, we're too stupid to come up with anything better, so we'll just act like a potty mouth child. It's totally classless and Texas fans should be WAY above that level.
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    I've been to Lubbock every time Texas has played Tech there in the Brown era (including the losses there in 1998, 2002 and 2008).

    It's never pretty when Tech wins that game. In fact, it can be downright scary. We always sit among Longhorns during those games, but post-game is when it gets rough.

    It was especially bad after the loss there last year. Getting to our car after that game was not a lot of fun.

    But in all the years I've been to the games Tech played in Austin, I've never seen a Tech fan treated poorly. There were some foul-mouthed Tech fans sitting a few rows behind us last Saturday. People around us just reacted by making more noise when Tech had the ball. Nobody said anything to them; everybody just ignored them.

    Maybe some UT students were a bit out of control against Tech this year, but my experience is that the experience is much worse for Texas fans at Tech games than it is for Tech fans at DKR.

    And that is generally the case no matter where we go and no matter who we are playing - Wyoming being the outstanding exception (our experience there was exceptionally pleasant).

    Columbus, Fayetteville, Orlando, Lubbock . . . those were really BAD experiences the last time we were in each of those places.

    Remember the Ohio State fans who came to DKR and commented how nice Texas fans were to them -- especially compared to how they saw Texas fans being treated in Columbus the year before? That's generally the difference I observe.

    And on that journalism piece, the author of that DT article sounds like an unbelievably politically-correct apologist. If you go to a football game at an opponent's stadium, and you are dumb enough to sit in their student section, wear your school colors, and yell for your own team, you probably might want to check your IQ -- and your life insurance policy.

    It's not an excuse for students to use to treat opponents' fans poorly, but a bunch of spoiled, drunk, frat-boy 18-year-old UT kids are often not known for a whole bunch of maturity.

    Sitting in a part of the stadium where they will be, and yelling against their team, is not a real bright idea. They just may not react with the ultimate decorum.
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    Anyway there are 100,000 fans there for godsake playing the team that ruined the national championship hopes last year. Of course there are going to be a few idiots who do something stupid. It is hard enough to get 100 people to behave themselves much less 100,000 people.
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