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    If he had any type of outside shot, he would be awesome. I haven't gotten to see many games this year, being in NYC, but Baylor was playing 6 feet off him and he never even looked for a shot. He was wide open at the top of the arc the entire game. It was almost frustrating watching him never put up a shot. He should spend his offseason doing nothing but working on his shot, and then other teams will have to play honest defense.
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    Yeah if he had a 15 foot pull-up jumper, how tough would he be? He doesn't even really need to be able to hit a three, just to be able to pull up in the lane and hit the midrange. I think he'll get there, my hope is that the offseason will give him a chance to really work hard on it. He's got some time so it could definitely happen.
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    i don't understand how anyone could play college basketball and not have range from 15 feet. i think given the fact that we got Damion, AJ, and a couple of big men to throw the ball inside too, Balbay is a little too unselfish in giving up his shot to try and work the ball into one of our scorers.
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    I think that, too, DVPMD. Then I watch how ugly it is the rare times he decides to pull the trigger, and I revise my opinion.

    At this point, I never think the ball has any chance of going in if Balbay is shooting anything outside of a layup and/or finger roll.
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    Going out on a limb, I'll say he should start practicing the jumper now.
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    On his radio show a few weeks ago, Barnes had Balbay call in, and Barnes made the stmt that in the few weeks before that, there probably wasn't anyone on the planet that has been taking more practice shots than Balbay.

    And yet, I'm not seeing a lot of results so I don't have too much hope in the future in that regard. But I'm usually wrong on these things.
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    Do jump shots not exist in Turkey? Semi-serious question.

    Of course, I suppose that could inspire the obvious follow-up question of "Do jump shots not exist in Montgomery, Alabama or Amarillo, Texas?".
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    He's too old to "learn" how to make shots. If he didn't know by the age of 20 how to shoot a 15-footer, then he's probably not going to figure it out. It's like speed... can't teach it. You can try, but it'll be fruitless in the end.

    Everyone always talked about how Michael Jordan learned how to shoot for range. To support the "It can be taught" method. Imagine that? Someone with more god-given talent than anyone who ever played the sport ever learned how to make himself better?
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    .if you accept the false premise that he didnt have to shoot a jump shot because he blew by everyone in about asking if they shoot free throws in europe...
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    You can't do much about speed or hops... he has those. Shooting, I'd think he has a chance at improving.
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    Shooting can be improved just like anything else, repetition. You can't use the repetition argument for speed and hops. You can always get a little faster by strenuous hard work for 4 years at a university, but in most cases a player isnt really THAT much faster then they were in high school. Same with having hops.
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    I'd be happy if he would at least improve his free throws.
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    He has said that in Europe he could blow by any defender for a layup so never needed a jumper. If he wasn't driving, he was coached to distribute. The result is he doesn't have a jumper. I would think that with coaching and practice he'll get there. He doesn't even have to be great, just good enough to get some respect from the defense and open up some driving lanes.
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    "He's too old to "learn" how to make shots. If he didn't know by the age of 20 how to shoot a 15-footer, then he's probably not going to figure it out. It's like speed... can't teach it. You can try, but it'll be fruitless in the end."

    Complete nonsense.

    It starts with correct shooting technique done over and over and over...
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    OK, I'll eat crow next year if he develops more jump shot game than Gottlieb ever had. But I wouldn't put money on it.

    Bruce Bowen isn't a good example. He taught himself the corner three pointer, which is a niche we're not going to look for under Barnes.

    I stand by my shooting statements. Practice does help you prepare better, but game scenarios are far different. I know every hundredth of a point helps in FG pct, but sometimes it's more about shot selection. Balbay isn't going to select the mid-to-long range shots.
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    If you watch the way the ball comes out of his hand, it is not that far fetch for him to develop a consistent mid range shot. Like the poster above said, it takes repetition.
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    Balbay played international basketball. The major difference between college and international ball is the 24 second clock.

    Dog has played that speed while still in diapers, Dog is down court before most of our team, they have to catch up to him.

    Guard play is drive to the basket and attack before the defense sets up. Big guys take the 3's and make alot of them.
    That is international BB in a nutshell.

    Dog has never had to perfect the 15-20 ft jumpshot as he was always dishing or attacking the rim, over the pond they play much faster then American BB.

    Dog is a gifted player that will show us a higher level of play next year, dont be surprised if that J comes around this coming summer.
    Did you see that side step move to the rim at speed? Watch closely and you will see the flashes he has been showing.
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    Okay, yes, it's possible that Balbay will improve his shooting. No, his other skills are not lost on me...but a nifty move to the rim does not give an indication that he'll develop what is an overwhelmingly obvious flaw.

    I am not an expert on Euro ball, but I'm not completely ignorant of the nuances of Euro-style hoops. I am not buying the argument that he's never had to develop a 15ft jump shot because of the style or because it was too easy for him to get to the rim. If the style was what kept him from working on this fundamental aspect of the game, it would be hard to comprehend how the majority of European players are actually almost the exact opposite of Balbay. In other words, typical Euro players (both bigs and guards) shoot well, both from 15ft+ and the FT line. At least, the average Euro doesn't look totally lost taking an outside shot. I can't think of another prominent (defined as one known by hoops fans here in the U.S.) European guard that shoots/shot as poorly as Balbay.
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    Good call on Tony Parker. He could NOT hit a mid range shot to save his life. But he developed two shots: a great little driving floater and the 15 ft pull up shot. He's deadly with both.

    It can be done.
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    I would like to know what he looks at when he shoots. He needs to focus on a tiny area on the back of the rim. I think he sees the whole arena when he shoots. It is hard to miss as bad as he does sometimes.
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    The mental picture that Dog has when shooting is Barnes with a whip and the dreaded doghouse out back.
    Dog short arms most of his shots, tries to guide them in but RB clouds the rim alot.
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