Baltimore Crime Rate Soaring

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Clean, May 28, 2015.

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    On Foxnews main page they have been highlighting for several days how far Austin has dropped on the BestCities to live rankings. Listing all the same issues as every Demx big city.
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    What a shame! Years ago Austin was a terrific place - reasonable cost of living and housing, low crime, plenty of entertainment available at a reasonable price, and traffic, while bad then, was nowhere near as horrible as it is now. And there were none of the "Big City Democrat Administration" issues.
    Somewhere along the line the voters lost sight of the virtues of Austin and went woke instead. Probably irreversible now.
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    It was a great place to go to school, but I wouldn't want to live there now. Gangsters coming from the border find it attractive and many northerners do too. It's still better and housing is cheaper than most of the major cities up north and certainly a lot cheaper than CA.
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    My favorite of the NYC four points is install kiosks. Any chance the kiosks could connect to amazon for free items? It's not fair that I can shoplift from in-person retailers easily but not amazon!
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    The de-escalation training is so sad it's funny. We're blaming waves of theft on .... low-paid retail workers escalating the situations. So like, a guy starts to steal something, but then he totally would have changed his mind and put it back if only some kid had been more diplomatic about trying to talk him down?

    Usually it's the white liberals voting this stuff in over the heads of the largely-minority communities that are the hardest hit by it.
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    Honestly, I'm generally sympathetic to the idea that employees who aren't trained in security shouldn't escalate the situation by using force. We don't want petty retail theft to turn into death or serious bodily injuries, especially for innocent people. However, this only works if the police aggressively pursue thieves and DAs aggressively prosecute them. If they don't, store owners and sometimes their employees are going to take the law into their own hands.

    I am of the view that vigilantism is bad, but it's better than disorder. If local authorities refuse to enforce laws, the citizenry will and are justified into doing so. Does that mean every police failing justifies vigilantism? No, but a systemic and deliberate choice by authorities to NOT enforce the law does. It's the only tool left in the shed.
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    There's a hell of a difference between the retail worker who owns the store and the dude making $16 an hour at Walgreens.
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    I understand why the owner is more likely to do it (because he's personally being robbed), but it's still not wise if he doesn't really know what he's doing. If a thief is running away with something and the owner accidentally blows away another customer, obviously that's a worst case scenario but not out of the question.
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    Less traffic = fewer flattened cats, etc.
    Plus, homeless gotta' eat something too!
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    When I was a little kid, my family used to eat at a Chinese restaurant right by Chinatown called Lichee Garden. I can assure you that they also take care of the dead animal situation.
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    This is how the story ended:

    It’s true that Neil Patel, the gas station owner, says he hasn’t had to report one criminal incident since Boyer’s firm started patrolling his lot. Before then, he says, his store was a constant blur of crime; people stealing and carjacking—one time, his car was vandalized while police were in the store, taking down a report about another crime. He’s sick of it all. I asked: couldn’t an armed guard have escalated those situations and led to someone being killed? “Too bad,” he said. “They deserve it.” Then he retreated behind the bulletproof glass shielding his cash register.
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    Ducking commie writer - the last paragraph was supposed be a damning statement on the folks hiring private security
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    The world is turning libertarian by default as the institutions fail.

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