OMG ! condolences to his family

I laughed many times at his post. he was just a pup compared to me. too many post to read through so I did'nt see what happened to him at such a young age but many prayers to his family and friends.
I can't reply for everybody but, for myself, I really appreciate all the responses. Balzac was one of those guys that was, without a doubt, the funniest bastard at every party.
****, I missed it too, this sux, even alot more than OU. We will miss you, I bet you have the best seat in the house at DKR now, don't even have to sneak in booze.

I can't believe I never saw this thread. I feel horrible!

Basil, that was quite a video. Thanks for sharing. The end got me. Way too young.

R.I.P. Balzac
Great job on the video Basil but damnit if it didn't hit me all over again. He seemed like a great guy to be around. He's appears to be the type of person that can make your day turn from lousy to awesome within a few minutes of being around him.

May your ascent into heaven be quick. You brought humor to us all. God bless you and all who you touched.
Peace Balzac.

Basil, thanks for sharing the video. What a great memory to have of your friend. Tell his family that his HornFans family shares in their loss and pain.
Thanks for posting the video. That was obviously a labor of love for someone, and I know I could see a lot of my friends in the general ******* around.

Thanks for posting that Basil. I went to school with Toby from the 7th grade through high school graduation, and had no idea he was Balzak until I saw Basil's post, and immediately put the two together. I had lost touch with the guy over the years, but it is still is tough to stomach knowing a former friend has passed. RIP Toby.

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