Bama or Florida?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Longhorn01, Dec 1, 2009.

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    Disclaimer: For all of those hornfans out there who believe that lack of focusness by the fan base can affect the outcome of the game, please disregard this post. It is not intended as a jinx or as an attempt to have our fanbase lose focusness this Saturday. It is simply hypothetical speculation to fill in the gap between now and next saturday. The poster believes fans do not have to take it 'one game at a time'.
    *The views expressed in this post are not necessarily the opinions of or it's parent company Mega-Omni-World-Domination

    Who would you rather face in the BCS game: Bama or Florida and why?

    Possible angles: Does Saban know Muchamp's schemes and tendencies well? Does Muschamp know Saban's schemes and tendencies well? Is Florida still motivated? Does Florida gain an advantage from being there? Tebow vs. Colt? Mack v Urban? Mack vs Saban? What do you want to see?
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    I would rather face Bama. It is easier to scheme for a team that does not have a mobile qb. Plus if by chance we were to lose the game, if it was Bama that beat us I could probably get over it in a month or so. If Tebow were to beat us I would have to be on suicide watch.
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    I want Alabama. It would be nice to knock off Florida like we did to USC, but I already cringe at the thought of the media fawning over Florida for a month. Also, Bama is a traditional power, not Florida.

    What a way to win the BCS title: knock off traditional powers Nebraska and Alabama to win the National Championship.

    By the way, if we do play Florida, I have no doubt we will win, so it is not out of fear of playing them that I hope for Alabama.
  4. Dude

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    Very simple for me, I want to win and I think we have a better chance of beating Bama. I don't care who the coaches or players are, or who was good in 1976, I just want the trophy.
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    1st, we can beat both, but can lose to either.

    Both have great defenses that presents problems.

    I think Florida presents more problems offensively because of the unconventional offense and Tebow's improve ability. Factor in him losing the Heisman another time to a Big12 qb and being awfully determined and focused to cap his career--I'd rather see Bama.

    Bama has a good offense, but conventional offense, and where McElroy isn't a major double threat. I think there would be no risk for another A&M type defensive performance.

    Saying the above I'd love to beat UF and Tebow--but I see it as a bigger challenge and scarier situation because Texas/Colt is not going to score on them like they did on A&M if the defense pulls another shank.
  6. OUsucksATMblows

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    Florida is a "traditional" power IMHO and they have back to back BCS championships. I'm not sure how Bama would be a better team to beat as far as perception goes.

    To me though it don't make a rat's *** who we play. I could make an arguement for either as far as who'd be a better match up.

    With all that said....KEEP THE FOCUSNESS [​IMG] BEAT NEBRASKA [​IMG]
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    Florida is not a traditional power in that they emerged from out of nowhere under Spurrier. Any lists of traditional programs do not include Florida. I don't care about national perception. Personally, I would rather beat a big name like Alabama. I wouldn't be bummed out if we beat Florida, however. The OP asked for opinions, that's what I gave.
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    I want to play Alabama and beat them first and then turn around a few days later, play Florida and beat them too.
  9. Aces_Full

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    I want to end the Tebow love. Bring on Florida, so we can take them down just like we took down the hype machine named USC.

    Florida is considered the best by most, so that's who we need to slaughter.
  10. Third Coast

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    Texas vs Florida will be deja vu all over again and that sits well with me.
  11. Alto Relex

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    I say Florida. They are this year's USC in terms of overexposure. Time for a little humility served up Longhorn style.
  12. burntorange4life

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    I'd rather face Alabama. Don't want Florida to even have a chance at having 3 BCS championships in 4 years.
  14. Laphroaig10

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    IMO, Texas matches up better against Alabama. Bama's front 7 is stout, but it's secondary, while strong, is not as good as UF's. Kareem Jackson is flat out a weak link back there. Colt and those big, fast WRs could put up some solid #s.

    Bama also doesn' thave a traditional speed rusher up front. I think UF could get pressure with 4, and Bama would have to blitz (admittedly, something they do very, very well).
  15. Mr. Fiesta

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    It don't make a ****.
  16. DigglerontheHoof

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    I want Texas to get a shot at Florida. They're the defending champs; bring em on.
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    Florida, because after we beat them I will retroactively claim the 2008 MNC as well.
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    Despite your disclaimer, I have to say

    So what?
  20. 2feathers

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    I would rather play a team without a quarterback; Alabama
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    Not sure who I would rather play but I think UF will beat Bama. If we play UF we better blitz like crazy.
  22. HornHuskerDad

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    In order to be the Champion, we have to beat the best - so bring 'em on! Florida or Alabama - whichever wins their game will be a worthy opponent.

    HHD [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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