Barnes expects James to return for his SR season?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by gasemitter, Mar 19, 2009.

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    I can only hope the trend gets established that they all come back, and that the days of leaving early was just a passing phase that some went through, and we're done with that at the University of Texas.

    If it doesn't happen that way soon, I'm writing a movie that will premier here at SXSW, and will be the story of a hero who played all his years here and brought a national championship to Texas and talked about honor, love of your fellow man, and giving back to something and not just wallowing in dough. I guess I'll have Bongo Drums be the coach, and the Wilson Bros be on the team, and one of them the hero. Wait a minute, they can't play basketball. Can they?

    Hey I could shoot it on a digital camera and edit it on my Mac. Put in some special effects maybe. Sound track... no problem.. right here in Austin. The trick would be to make it a gripping story.

    Just dreamin... it's sxsw week... [​IMG]
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    I would be surprised if he did leave to be honest. I can't imagine him going first round with the mediocre season he has had.
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    FWIW (not much) he's projected at #21 by and #30 by
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    Yeah, I see him as a late first rounder. Honestly, I don't see why. James has been underwhelming thus far at Texas. Don't get me wrong, he has done well and put up some really good numbers, but not great numbers and he is not the leader and the big game player that we expected (or that would warrant a lottery pick or even a first rounder). However, even if he does stay, I don't see his stock going up much so he is likely to go.
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    Barnes still owes some dude a steak dinner for a bet re: Durant staying for another year. Anyone remember Barnes talking about that?

    Damian James is telling people privately he's coming back. Barnes thinks he's coming back. And still I'm telling people I don't think there's a chance James is coming back.

    We'll see.
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    If he does come back, and plays well, then yes, his stock would go up dramatically next year. Hope he stays, but if he's projected as a first-rounder (don't know why), then he's got to go and get that first round money.
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    I hope not, but I doubt if Hill will ever make it back onto the court for the Horns due to injuries.
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    -Damion James appears to be leaning toward returning to school at this point, sources tell us, although he would be able to test the waters as a junior if he so pleases. With no NBA pre-draft camp and fewer private workouts for non-lottery prospects being conducted due to budget restrictions—testing the waters may not have the same luster it did in years past.

    It also says Connor has an agent.
    The Link
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    "So Conner, why is there no film available from your 2009 season...?"
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    Damion James needs to return and work on his back to the basket game. Last season he did none what so ever. If he wants to be a lottery player he must grind it out in the post, with his size and leaping ability he should excel. Comine that with his outside shooting, his stock should soar. However, his dribble and drive to the basket is a major weakness. DJ always get called for a charging foul or a wild lay up. As big and strong as he is, he tends to play smaller than that.
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    The problem is that there are guys in the NBA with the same physical abilities as James, yet they can control the ball, shoot, and play the 2/3 pretty well.

    How far can James develop his swingman game in college? If he's going to play in the NBA, he needs to go now while teams are still willing to take a chance on training him themselves.

    If he's staying in college, he's doing it to win, play some more forward (hopefully for Texas), and get an education.
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    I'd argue the exact opposite as 210--. He can be more dominating in college playing under the basket and close in, but that is NOT what will help get him to the next level as he won't ever play down low there. He needs to improve his bal handling and shooting to prove that he can make it in the NBA as a small forward. The question is whether that will be done at UT or in the NBA (if he sticks)
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    Damion's handling skills are below average, and after being on campus for three yrs, I havent seen it improve at all. He's a raw physical talent, but one more yr at UT wont help his dribbling. Now that I think about it, he's better off leaving early. The incoming kids will have the ball in their hands and dish it to Damion. We all know Damion can not create his own shot by driving or dribbling. He rarely dominated games, and with his skill set he should do it on a regular basis. That's way I suggested him to play with his back to the basket and shoot turnaround jumpers from the post or basline, since he has great leaping ability.....I didn't mean post-up like a 4 or 5.
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    This year's draft is awfully weak. You've got Blake Griffin (who has a glass jaw, and whose eyes are way too close together to bely much intelligence imho) and nada mas. Damion James should take the money and run. I'd love to see him back, but I have yet to see a Longhorn baller under Barnes who doesn't bolt at the very first chance. We are the only major program that has had multiple star players leave to be 2nd round picks.......
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    if he wants to improve his ball handling skills, why not go play in Europe and get paid. then if he improves enough, come back to try to play in the NBA.
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    I agree on his lack of skills dribbling and driving. I think what would be most helpful for the team is for him to come back and play more under the basket and in catch and shoot situations, not creating his own shot. But, I don't think that would help improve his stock at all. I personally dont think that one can improve their dribbling very much at this age-- I can't think of any players that improved dramatically in that area. I'm sure others will argue with that, though.
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    I think it's just too difficult and requires a certain hand-eye coordination that is either innate or developed at an earlier age. I don't have any evidence other than my personal experience and watching tons of basketball, so I'm sure folks will think I'm full of BS. I don't think this is true for shooting. Can anyone think of folks who dramatically improved their ballhanding skills after they were of college age?
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    This is going to sound funny, but he has big palms, and really short fingers. That may account for some of the problems.
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    Does anyone subscribe to the theory that James will never be an effective wing in the NBA and that he'd be lucky to survive his rookie contract in the league?

    I do, and I think he needs to leave and at least secure the first round guaranteed money (if in fact he is a first rounder right now) before his stock goes down even more with a lackluster senior season.

    I think he could be the key to a final four season next year for the Horns, but only playing the 4 like he did his freshman year. And that's not going to help his NBA stock. He's not going to play much on the wing next year with Hamilton, Bradley, and Williams coming on board.
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    I agree that he will not be a NBA wing or survive his rookie contract, but I don't even think he's a 1st round pick. Even in this weak of a draft.

    Therefore I think he should stay and have fun, while earning his degree.

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