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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Clean, Oct 12, 2020.

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    Absolutely 03. I have the same rationale as to why they should never televise court trials.

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    I know how much you all love CNN-

    'No notes!' Bash weighs in on moment that drew laughter

    Since many of your browsers have this site blocked-
    John King- "Let's be honest, for 1 if we could roll back the clock and not be so close to the election and for 2 if this were another Republican president in another age, I've be in Washington long enough- Judge Amy Comey Barrett would be getting 70 votes or more in the United States Senate because of her qualifications"
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  3. Great Hills Horn

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    She was born and raised in New Orleans.
  4. Chop

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    So that could be some sort of annoying variation of the yat accent.

    Nothing has come up yet that would be likely to change any Senator’s vote, although it’s still early in the process.
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    I agree but you don't have to be obese to get diabetes. I am 5'11" 190lbs in great shape and I'm a type 2 diabetic.
    Just throwing it out there...I will shut up now
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    If you’re over 45, you’ve probably got some sort of pre-existing condition. Conceptually, the issue is really whether a judge should factor in the consequences of the decision, or simply apply the law without regard to the consequences of the decision.

    Before the SCOTUS later this year, the severability of key provisions of the ACA will be front and center. The decision will likely save or destroy the ACA.

    One judicial philosophy says the judges should consider the welfare of the tens of millions of people with preexisting conditions and find a way to save the ACA. This is what Chief Justice Roberts did.

    The opposing judicial philosophy says disregard the effects of your decision on those people, because to do otherwise would be policy making (legislating from the bench). Then the political branches (especially at the state level) can pass whatever needs to be passed to protect those tens of millions of people.

    That’s what this fight boils down to.
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    Sorry to hear that but you are probably doing all you can to control it. Is it hereditary?
    Your case is not the same as obese people who have made no effort to stay healthy and you know it.
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    I disagree. Alito only got 58 votes total, with 4 of them being Dem votes. That was in 2005, 3 years from the next election, and while BushisHitler, as every leftist told me back then, he was also another Republican president.

    The Dem votes were from Senators from ND, SD, Neb, and WV - the first three now have R's in those seats, and the WV seat was filled (I think) by Manachin (sp), probably the last Dem Senator from that state.

    While Barrett is very impressive, so was Alito. Only reason she might have gotten a few more votes would just be the fear by Dems about voting against a woman that they had not been able to demonize, in the Sarah Palin way.
  9. Duck Dodgers

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    I think that's too deep an anaysis, from a legal standpoint. The SC doesn't do that. Instead:

    Issue championed by leftists - 3 automatic votes from the BG's (Bryer and the Girls).

    Very Serious Issue, according to the left. Very legitimacy of the court at stake - vote by the Coward John Roberts.

    Then it's down to Kaughan. Gotta say, I still look at him like the Joker did the Chinese dude in The Dark Knight - "I know a squealer when I see one, and he's a squealer". He's been fine so far - but, has not been the deciding vote in anything the left really cared about. The few cases since he was seated that went 5-4, Roberts was there to absorb the criticism if the court ruled against the left (and there have been very few cases of this the past few years on anything important).

    Different story if Gorscuh, Alito, Thomas, and Barrett all are votes to scrap Obama care. You're up K - can you withstand the hatred of everyone in DC, who maybe you're spend the last two years trying to patch things up with? We shall see!
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    I think pre-existing should be covered but only if you can prove that you had previous/contiguous coverage. If you don't have this, then you need to pay a substantial markup and also have a waiting period for anything that falls under that pre-existing ailment.
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    Yes, and some sort of government high risk pool for those who can't get it on the commercial market - like flood insurance. It would still cost a lot, but that s could be spread over the larger tax base, or just borrow the money from the future like we do everything else.
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    what about the working poor?
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    Sen. Mazie Horono, Democratic nut job from Hawaii, actually asked ACB if she’d ever sexually harassed or assaulted anyone. Lookout! Can high school hijinks be far behind.
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    Yep, what I wondered when I heard her line of questioning.
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    Suck it, mofo’s!

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    I'm 6'0 180 and I dont need to weigh any more than I do. Unless you're 190 pounds of muscle and you're a DB or just a gym rat you probably could stand to lose 15 or 20 pounds.
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    Horono and Booker are secretly competing over who can be the worst Senator in history.
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    I have a lot of muscle. I realize I could lose a few lbs (retirement is a *****). I was just pointing out that you do not have to be obese to have diabetes.

    What is a DB exactly?
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    Yea unfortunately my whole family has it. I control it well with diet and exercise. so it doesn't control my life.
    You are correct. Eating Ho-Ho's and Doritos then blaming it on something or someone else is a common theme among people like that. One of my pet peeves in people is laziness. No excuse.
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    Defensive Back. :bounce1:
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    Designated Blitzer.
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    I'm not a lawyer. I thought it was a simple as this: Roberts ruled the individual mandate to be a tax (contrary to Obama loudly proclaiming it not to be a tax prior to his election; check it out on YouTube) and that a tax levy by Congress is constitutional.

    Of course, crickets from the Left about Obama lying about it not being a tax.

  23. bystander

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  24. nashhorn

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    Obama the Constitutional scholar? That Obama or the all infallible One?
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    I wish Amy would put professional courtesy aside and kick Whitehouse’s a**.
    I will say he has a good staff.
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  28. nashhorn

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    How funny and revealing not one of the signatures are from the law school, none!
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    You wouldn't like her. She doesn't hate God and didn't go to OU.
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    Her status as a Notre Dame person may be a factor. I hate ND and I believe STRONGLY in a separation of church and football. This goes back to parenting and "the golden boy" Paul Hornung stealing the Heisman from Tommy McDonald. He was the only Heisman winner with a losing record. Also, ND broke the 47 game win streak. My dad may have impressed that upon me too well.

    Dude, just to set the record straight. I'm a Methodist. I've taught Sunday School (albeit poorly, I'm sure), I've been a church Treasurer, etc. I'm big on free will. I'm not anti God. I'm anti the version of God that leads people to refer to the current President as something other than vile.
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