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    I have a question for those of you more in the loop on scholarship offers. My daughter is "talking to" a guy who used to be a Texas baseball commit. Last year he got injured and the week he got his full medical release he got a call from the staff who said that they didn't think they would have a scholarship for him because of his injury. Before he got off the phone with him this kid decommitted and in my opinion is rightfully pissed because he had told them all along the doctors said he would make a full recovery. I have no idea what the injury was.

    During Mack's football coaching years he made it a point that if a kid is committed to Texas then Texas is committed to the kid, but I know not all coaches are that way. Would you consider it a dick move to pull an offer from a committed kid when he/she gets injured?

    He now has offers from several D-1 schools and hates Texas for this. He actually thinks he might get drafted out of HS, but I'm not sure if he's just a little full of himself. If this is how Pierce is handling recruiting, it worries me a bit about how he handles his day to day locker room issues.
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    Vol, with limited scholarships it is hard to hold all or a part of a non-football or basketball scholarship for a player who may or may not recover from an injury. Especially if they find the same skill in a "well" player. Very tough, but doctors have proven to be wrong.

    Mack (and I believe Herman) found/finds "medical" scholarship funds from some source to pay the kids way. These do not count against the 85 total. If the kid ends up well and can play the Medical goes away with the coach playing the scholarship number game. (I believe that this is what is happening behind the scenes with the Brown kid from Georgia.)
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    Yeah you cannot compare football to baseball in this regard. FB gets 85 scholarships, baseball gets 11.
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    Baseball gets **** on in every aspect by NCAA. Scholarships are fluid and the % constantly changes. I don't think they can go below 25% now which also hurts the teams. Think they can only have like 8 walk ons as well.
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    This class won't be #1 after draft unfortunately, but nice to get some PR...
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    The Athletic has an article about Texas baseball signee Jared Kelley

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    Sadly, we'll never see him in Burnt Orange. Looking at $2+ million payday in the draft.
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    He got selected on Day Two by the ChiSox (Rd 2, #47 overall)
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    Petey Halpin went in 3rd rd (95th overall) to the Tribe
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    No commits or roster players taken in the 4th

    RHP Bryce Elder selected in the 5th (156th overall) to ATL -- the fifth-to-last pick in the draft. And the first and only Horn to get drafted. He could still return but seems unlikely. The draft slot is worth $336.6k.

    This was thru 3 rounds
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    Catcher from Waco

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    Tall RHP playing at Blinn
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    Baseball is a real crap-shoot. Sign great players only to see them head to MLB ,and your class is then crap...Or sign diamonds in the rough, and hope they pan out.
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