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    I know, I guess my comment was more rhetorical maybe? My main point was that why would we build a new giant arena that's almost the same size as the one we are leaving knowing that 7,000 seats will remain covered except for concerts and other special events? You still have a giant mostly empty arena even if the seats are hidden.
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    Also, for the games that do sell out when we are good (kansas), they can open those seats up? Right? We want a loud arena for big games.
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    Initial quote was no -not even for Kansas. However, Texas will not be in control of what goes on as it has turned the building over to the promoter who wil want every penny they can get..
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    I believe the plan is for the upper tier to covered by what I imagine will be panels, perhaps mechanical, that will completely close in the lower area, like a retractable roof. This way you'd never know there are several thousand seats hidden. What would be cool is if the panels had murals. This would not block the center rafters but rather be angled from the edge of the upper mezzanine toward the center of the arena with room for the center scoreboard etc.
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    I heard an interview with Fenves and he said wanted no-cost because the Dell Medical Center left nothing for replacement cost of The Drum. He also said we averaged only 9,000 per game so that was the target. I guess they are counting on the slow nights to cover the shortfall for the few "see and be seen" games we host each year.
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    Is Patterson still around to consult on this? Surely each panel could be a distinct mini-tron, instead of godzillatrons maybe hornedlizardtrons, maybe 100 or 150 of them, each with their own ads, one Taco Bell, one the CoOp, one for the Texas Exes alumni assoc., one...

    With technologies today, hidden mini monitoring recording cameras for each hornedlizardtron could continually scan the eyes of seated fans to see if their ad is getting viewed.

    I'd better stop. Bellmont may be lurking .... where's that roll of tinfoil for my head? Was here somewhere....
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    I was thinking for Sistine Chapel but I like where your head is.
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    Moody excavation this week

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