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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by DrRad, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. DrRad

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    Since the football Mt Rushmore is on another thread, how about basketball:

    Slater Martin
    TJ Ford
    Kevin Durant and
    (surprise) Jay Arnette
  2. majorwhiteapples

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    TJ Ford
    Kevin Durant
    Travis Mays
    LaSalle Thompson

    After TJ and KD it was difficult.....
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  3. Statalyzer

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    TJ Ford
    Slater Martin
    Kevin Durant
    LaSalle Thompson
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  4. txlandagent

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    TJ Ford
    Slater Martin
    Kevin Durant
    LaMarcus Aldridge
  5. SAMMCHornfan

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    Slater Martin
    Larry Robinson
    Abe Lemons (OK, So they needed a Coach, and yes, I do know that makes 5..LOL.)
    TJ Ford
    Kevin Durant
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  6. Crockett

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    LaSalle Thompson definitely deserves a place on this list. He was a great player, stayed 3 years and his hair part was boss -- it would really show up nice in a statue.
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  7. txlandagent

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    I struggled between LaSalle and LaMarcus. Ultimately went with LaMarcus based on NBA career comparison. If we're basing selection on NCAA stats only, I'd go with LaSalle.
  8. DrRad

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    Comprehensive history at's_basketball

    Reason for Arnette for those that do not know him:
    Jay Arnette PG 1958–60 1960 Olympic gold medalist
    1960 NBA Draft 2nd Round, 1st pick (9th overall)—Cincinnati Royals
    1960 first-team All-American guard
    1960 first-team All-SWC

    The Olympic team featured:
    Name [1] Position Height Weight Age Home Town Team/School
    Jay Arnette Guard 6-2 175 21 Austin, TX Texas
    Walt Bellamy Center 6-11 217 21 Baltimore, MD Indiana
    Bob Boozer Forward 6-8 220 23 Omaha, NE Peoria Caterpillars (Kansas State)
    Terry Dischinger Forward 6-6 190 19 Terre Haute, IN Purdue
    Burdette Haldorson Forward 6-7 207 26 Austin, MN Phillips 66ers (Colorado)
    Darrall Imhoff Center 6-11 220 21 Berkeley, CA California
    Allen Kelley Guard 5-11 164 27 McCune, KS Peoria Caterpillars (Kansas)
    Lester Lane Guard 5-11 165 28 Purcell, OK Wichita Vickers (Oklahoma)
    Jerry Lucas Forward 6-8 220 20 Middletown, OH Ohio State
    Oscar Robertson Forward 6-5 220 21 Indianapolis, IN Cincinnati
    Adrian Smith Guard 6-0 175 23 Farmington, KY U.S. Armed Forces (Kentucky)
    Jerry West Guard 6-2 185 22 Chelyan, WV West Virginia
  9. Horns11

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    Man that's a good team.
  10. yelladawgdem

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    BMW all played as one. Yeah, I know, I'm grasping.
  11. Joe Fan

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  12. old65horn

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    With Slater Martin on the list, should Raymond Downs also get some consideration?
  13. uisge beatha

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    No love for Chris Mihm? I've often wondered what would have been if he'd stayed for his senior year and played w/ TJ
  14. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    On current rosters

    LaMarcus Aldridge – Power forward/Center, San Antonio Spurs
    DJ Augustin – Point guard, Orlando Magic
    Avery Bradley – Point guard, Boston Celtics
    Kevin Durant – Small forward, Golden State Warriors
    Cory Joseph – Point guard, Toronto Raptors
    Sheldon McClellan – Shooting guard, Washington Wizards
    Tristan Thompson – Power forward, Cleveland Cavaliers
    PJ Tucker – Small forward, Phoenix Suns
    Myles Turner – Power Forward/Center, Indiana Pacers
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  15. Statalyzer

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    Chris Owens is the one you are thinking of, I think, who played with TJ for like 8 games and then got injured and missed the rest of the year. Chris Mihm was a few years earlier than TJ.
  16. uisge beatha

    uisge beatha 1,000+ Posts

    No, just misremembered - Mihm's senior year would have been 200o-2001 season. TJ's freshman year was 2001-2002 season.
  17. old65horn

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    How is McClellan on the list? He basically Played for Miami. He was here one year than transferred. The list is bacically the current NBA players that played for us, with the excepltion of McClellan. Most are not Mt Rushmore material.
  18. Joe Fan

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    Right, its just a list of the current NBA players who played for us

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