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    Back in the 70's when I was living in Austin, an older couple living in Bastrop disappeared from their home. All that was missing from the house was the front door. Anyone know if this crime was ever solved and the significance of the door missing?
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    Yes. The name of the family was Whatley. Henry Lee Lucas came to town to confess sometime 1982-1984. I took his picture. He was wearing a Jesus is the Real Rock t-shirt. It was about this time of year. It wasn't good journalism, but I had commercial artist friend airbrush the logo out of the picture we published in the Bastrop Advertiser County News on Good Friday. At that point, Lucas was already convicted on several counts of murder and facing the death sentence, so I'm not quite sure of the confession's validity.

    Lucas said he and a companion used the door to carry the bodies, which if I remember correctly, he said he disposed of in a state further west ... Utah, Nevada maybe.
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    Bastrop...great place to be from.

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