Bats in my house

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by WillUSAF, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. WillUSAF

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    So last week around midnight my wife gave me a small heart attack by screaming at the top of her lungs as I'm in never neverland. There was a bat flying around in our bedroom. I caught it and went back to sleep. Then last night around 10pm I hear the scream AGAIN! another bat!
    Called a guy that removes bats etc. First time I had to call someone in this expertise. He comes and examines my home inside and out. Sees no tall tell signs that I have a bat problem but he can do a couple of things just in case there are any in my house. The "couple" of things cost $800! My wife said she doesn't care if it costs $8000!
    Just never knew that they made that much money doing that..
  2. nashhorn

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    How did you catch it?
  3. WillUSAF

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    It flew around our room until it got behind our dresser. It hit the wall and fell to the floor under the dresser. They have a hard time flying from the ground. I put my baseball glove over it. Moved the dresser and put a towel over my glove. Slowly moved the glove while feeling for the bat under the towel. Once i felt it i grabbed it tight and wrapped it up in the towel. Went out on my back deck and flung the towel and it flew off.

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