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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. RainH2burntO

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    I thought this was a very interesting quote from TH.
    A. That he acknowledges they are scouring Baylor boards for info
    B. That apparently they visit Hornfans

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  2. Pomspoms

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    So what there was an overtime game. Quit the negativity. I'll take this and be proud of it. When was the last time we led the nation in scoring after 4 games?
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  3. rick mueller

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    I hope Dion doesn't banish me for going West Mall here, but this is what politicians do. They observe which way the crowd is moving. When they figure that out, they spring out front and attempt to convince us they were leading us all the time. They are using message boards like this one to gauge our temperature, especially on the "The Eyes" issue.
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  4. Duck Dodgers

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    Actually there were two OT games, and a total of 5 periods. Back 21 points out of the average and the average per game drops by 5, putting Texas in 4th place.

    More importantly, being proud of some stat after 4 games in the year, after losing two straight, and being 0-4 against TCU and OU past two years is Aggy logic. What next, winning halftime?
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  5. RainH2burntO

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    All I know is TH sure loves to take shots at fans. Wasnt it him right off the bat with the JoeFan remark?
    Don't get me wrong...I think fans are ridiculous.. and especially sometimes ours; but an astute, and mature, football coach knows the deal - and elevates himself above and doesn't go there...but rarely. I get it...our fanbase could improve its behaviour...but he and his team should be dialed in between those white lines right now. How can we expect the team to be when he never is?
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  6. Chop

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    Ha! You guys are killing me. 1st place or 4th place in the nation in points per game is a place we would have loved to be for most of the past decade or so. This ranking includes offensive juggernauts like Clemson. Sure there are weaknesses (OL, RB injuries and depth), but overall the O is not the problem.

    Jump in your time machine and go back to just before our 1st game, and tell yourself we're going to be 1st in the nation (or perhaps 4th in the nation) in total scoring after the OU game. You'd either: (i) be happy about it, or (ii) have irrational and unrealistic expectations for the O.
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  7. Duck Dodgers

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    Look if some statical ranking 1/3 way done with the season is making you happy, I’m glad, as there’s not much else to hang your hat on so far this season.

    Main numbers are 2-2, and 8th (!) in a 10 team conference. Two wins in 9 games with TCU/OU by Herman at Texas.

    I disagree that the offensive doesn’t have problems, for one, because Texas is 2-2. If the Texas running game was something more than Sam on a bootleg, or a RB run for 2 yards, Texas could have scored some points in the first 25 minutes of the second half against OU, and not fallen behind by two TDs. Yes Texas scored twice in 5 minutes, and did the same against TT. A good offense doesn’t go to sleep for large parts of the game and has the rely on the other team going turtle and giving up quick score.

    That’s too deep in the weeds though, main point again is being 2-2 and unranked. This has not been a successful year so far. We’ll see if things turn around. This is the first must win of Herman’s tenure here. Can’t lose to Baylor, fall out of B12 contention, and fall to 2-3. Season, and Herman, are finished with that.
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  8. Statalyzer

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    Also, when two conferences haven't played games yet and another went without their usual slate of ooc patsies, our game against UTEP is a huge outlier in an ordinal ranking (where as usually everybody has an easy game or two like that in September - or November in some cases coughcough). In regulation against Big 12 teams we scored 49, 29, and 31. That's good, although less so when given how crappy 2 of those 3 defenses were, it's still not bad. But it's certainly not "one of the best few offenses in the nation" numbers either.
  9. longhornlegend

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    Just listened to TH presser and he will never get it. He is not a leader and still thinks the "kids" can do what they want. They are on a frikn free ride at THE UNIVERSITY. There are some basic expectations and TH doesnt meet it and most of the team doesnt either. I have a a family member on the team and did not see him singing after the cotton bowl. In discussions the comment was made there must be intense peer pressure to go against what you know is right. I personally think it falls on TH and CDC. You let the tail wag the dog and let the kids decide what they will and will not do, you have no team. You have spoiled brats under zero leadership! I cant root against Texas but I am tired of the BS. Everything burnt orange stays in the closet and may never come out if this is the "new norm".
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  10. Pomspoms

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    Hey _umb_ut
    We don't need you to point out these negatives as if we don't know them. We can still be happy about what our offense has accomplished, especially since it very rarely happens.
    And don't worry that we a pushed a positive, we don't think Herman has what it takes to be a championship coach either so relax. It is a good thing we lead nation in scoring and I like it.
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  11. mb227

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    I would be happy with averaging a field goal per game if we had a win for each and every game played...ok, not thrilled with the offense, but wins are what counts, NOT the points per game total.
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  12. Pomspoms

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    Wow, wins are more important than points per game. Thanks for the clarification:facepalm:
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  13. Chop

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    After 4 games, while there is room for improvement on the O and the special teams, the D is the big problem folks. If we're not better, Baylor's O will shred us.
  14. mb227

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    Clearly you chose not to read what was being responded to...

    Beyond that, I will be kind less I draw the wrath of Dion.
  15. Joe Fan

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    Top Yardage Differential (Per Play)

    +3.1 BYU
    +2.8 Clemson
    +2.3 Alabama
    +2.2 Air Force
    +2.1 SMU
    +2.1 UNC
    +1.7 Liberty
    +1.6 WVU
    +1.6 Marshall
    +1.5 Notre Dame
    +1.5 Texas
    +1.4 Cincinnati
    +1.4 Louisiana
    +1.4 Oklahoma State
  16. Joe Fan

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    Pretty sure that was the name of a Star Trek episode
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  17. Joe Fan

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  18. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    but keep in mind that the reason our O (and Sam) are so "accomplished' in the O-stats is that have to play constantly to outscore the other O. While it is good that we can frequently do that, it is largely due to how bad our defense is. It out of absolute necessity (and frequently dumb luck) that we have scored all these points. When you put it all on your offense and NEED to routinely take the extra gambits like on-side kicks or going for it on 4th down, just to stay in the game, it says a lot about the state of the team. We've been pretty fortunate with many of those dice-rolls, but we've also been playing pretty bad defenses.
  19. Giovanni Jones

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    I seem to recall a similar sentiment during the Mackovic era (e.g. "We're really great at scoring points ... just wish we could stop the other teams from scoring more than us")
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  20. WorsterMan

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    Coach Boom once remarked stats are for losers.... some truth in that statement.

    You measure your team with stats but bottom line stats don't matter in the game - did you win?

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  21. Joe Fan

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    Those offenses were pretty fun. He pulled guards every other play. And we had some OGs back then who could really scoot. Quick centers too.
  22. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Things have gotten so bad that we cant even make the helmet board

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  23. IvanDiabloHorn

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    I do not like Baylor. Seems like just yesterday the refs threw the game so Grant Taffy could win his last game.
    Like my old daddy used to say “The only thing wrong with Baptists is they don’t hold them under water long enough.”
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  24. Clean

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    They used to say that “good defense beats good offense”. Nick Saban says that isn’t true anymore, but after watching Tampa Bay dominate undefeated Green Bay and make Aaron Rodgers look like crap, I don’t believe it. TB has a dominating DL with Ndamukong Suh on one end and fast LBs behind them. They knocked the crap out of Rodgers and all of a sudden he looked like a Joe Average QB.

    UT hasn’t had a dominate defense since the early 80s. This defense is awful. DBs make most of whatever tackles are made. We have zero pass rush. QBs have all day to pass and if they can’t find anybody, they just waltz up the middle for big yardage. With even an average defense we’d be 4-0. The offense isn’t the problem.
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  25. Horns11

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    Pass rush has been our main problem going back to 2010. When we lost guys like Kindle and Orakpo, and started moving around coaches to try to make up for 5-7, we've never really picked up anyone who approaches elite pass rush status.

    We've tried to hide that deficiency with funky schemes from Diaz and Orlando and bringing safeties on blitzes. We just need better DEs, period. Graham was supposed to have a breakthrough season, but I'm never comfortable with the push he gets. Ossai is not the answer either, for as good as he was in the Alamo Bowl, he hasn't replicated that in his new role.
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  26. Joe Fan

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  27. Joe Fan

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    ML: Baylor +260 (bet $100 to win $260) | Texas -334 (bet $334 to win $100)
    ATS: Baylor +8.5 (-110) | Texas -8.5 (-110)
    O/U: 61.5 (O: -110 | U: -110)
  28. NRHorn

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    You know, good point. I have for the first time in my Longhorn fan career have been negative severely negative toward this team over the last couple of weeks
  29. NRHorn

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    I always pointed to only 2 games I ever saw that I feel the refs were absolutely trying to get the other team to win and that was following the Aggie bonfire and that Baylor game ....there is no doubt in my mind on both of those
    Look I know a man whose son died in that bonfire incident and that’s a horrible thing, but the way that the Aggies acted after that regarding not feeding the players and keeping the UT players up all night and then with the refs was absolutely a disgrace to Aggie lore of being God honor country
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  30. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    That Grant Teaff game was maybe the worst thing ever

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