BBQ Bandito (caught on tape)

Discussion in 'Classics' started by MissingInAction, Jul 5, 2007.

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    wait, so that bag he put back in the fridge was one rib that he left? Thats not even considerate, thats more of a slap in the face. A challenge almost. I ate your ****, here is one rib - like a calling card. Is he russian? I bet he's russian. Sneaky f-ing russians.

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    Ummm... yeah. I may be swimming upstream here, but the fridge is SO far away, how can you really tell what he's got there & if it was, in fact, yours? I am only playing devil's advocate here, but I have reasonable doubt. Sorry, MIA / PacSer / BlackLab, but I just don't have 100% confidence as to his guilt.

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    From what I gather, he has already admitted to it and offered a lame story as cover-up.

    I like that he eats the whole thing standing up..
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    So his manager waits until about 15 minutes before I leave before he shows the bandito the tape. All I can think about is the Bobs not wanting a confrontation.
    He shows him the tape in my office/server room. Dude comes out and says ,"MIA, let me esplain."
    So we watch the tape and he explains every little detail about what he is doing. About how hhe is making a burrito and he had lettuce up in that corner of the door.
    There was no lettuce.
    And who eats a burrito like a god damn rib? Two hands on each end , side to side!
    Then he says, and this just waylays me: "Besides, there weren't any ribs in there. Just some chicken."
    Which tells me he obviously looked in my BBQ stash of awesome, and also that maybe he just ate the chicken, and there is another accomplice who ate the ribs. Or he is just a lying douche cause you can tell he is eating a muthfuckin rib,
    MY RIB!!
    So I tell him that all I did was give security a time frame of when my food dissappeared. No one else touched the fridge in that time frame except for the now famous BBQ bandito.
    He acted stupid, nervous, and hungry for BBQ, so I just said,
    "it doesn't look good for you." And walked off.
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    I eat burritos like corn on the cob.

    With the little holders on the side and all that jazz.

    Got a problem with that?
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    I hope he pulls up tomorrow with the whole Bert's crew to make amends.
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    This is so ******* amazing that I'm actually getting a contact high off of this thread. Outstanding work by all (MIA, blacklab, and PacSER in specific).
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    this thread is why hornfans takes up a significant portion of my internet time. [​IMG]
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    i am sorry. finder, keepers.
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    That is one hella big breakroom.

    And BBQB needs his *** kicked.
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    I am going to make this my new board instead of 3:16. Just plain hilarious.
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    Yeah, that's a huge breakroom with only 2 home fridges.
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    Hats off to you guys who manufactured this internet vid!
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    i cant see anything in that video that would indicate that it was definitely the bbq as opposed to something else from the fridge.
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    After discussing this thread I found out that my GF apparently is a unrepentant fridge raider. She even told me a story that when she was in third grade and spending the night at a friend's house, she waited until everyone was asleep, snuck into a huge walk-in pantry and chowed down for like two hours and left a huge mess. hahaha. And she's tiny, btw, so save your fat jokes for later. Thief jokes, those are perfectly acceptable.
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    I can't believe how fast this all transpired. Immediate results! With video!

    On the other hand, Toaster Lady details came gradually, adding to the suspense and drama.

    I just hope we get more updates on the BBQB next week.
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    This is not over. I'm sure there will be many more details to follow. I can't wait.
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    as far as i'm concerned, hornfans IS the internet.
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    I agree that you cant really tell what he is eating. The damning evidence is the time frame (he was the only one in the fridge during the 45 minute window), and when he is rooting in the top corner of the door. My BBQ were the only items in the door. We have tape from where I put the food in to where I discover it missing, and our bandito was the only possible culprit.
    Yes the break room is huge, and the furniture is plastic yet comfortable.
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    and to think, we almost lost this thread in its infancy.

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    I have nothing to add. I just wanted to be on this thread [​IMG]
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    If BBQB would have said he brought Buffalo Wings from home he would have raised a suspicion of doubt, but to say he was eating a BURRITO?
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    that son of a ***** i can't stand people like that. My brother would always have bands from out of state stay at our house and those ******* would always eat any and all leftovers that were in the fridge. So when I would wake up at 5:25 in the morning looking forward to cold pizza for breakfast before work all that was there was an empty box of nothing stuck back in the fridge. ********. P.S. MIA you are the ****
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    soundtrack: yakety sax

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    Just when I start to think I'd be more productive if I laid off Horn Fans for a while, a thread like this sucks me back in!

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