BBQ Bandito (caught on tape)

Discussion in 'Classics' started by MissingInAction, Jul 5, 2007.


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    I think you should print up a sign. Have it be a cartoonish brisket character who is holding up a sign that says "Please don't eat me BBQ Bandito!"
  3. MissingInAction

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    Here is my MS paint representation of the BBQ Bandito.
  4. miguelito

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    (I had to cut/paste to see that pic.)

    That doesn't look like chicken to me! Lying bastard!
  5. MissingInAction

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    I dont know why the image wont show. I suck at this ****
  6. miguelito

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  8. MissingInAction

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    I'd just like everyone to know that I had an extra 50 bucks in my paycheck yesterday. BOOYAH!!!!
    Fatass hasnt said a word about his check being 500 clams lighter either.
    Its been a lot of fun making BBQ thief quips through out the days.

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    BBQ Bandit now knows that fridge is off limits because of the camera. He might have to go ninja to steal more food.
  10. Montag

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    Wait, so you got $50 and he lost $500? Company fine? It's not like they lost tasty barbeque goodness. But still, damn.
  11. MissingInAction

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    damn, that should say 50 not 500. I'll leave it in for context.
    ANd we could see a ninja bandito MS paint masterpiece soon. I am at work and bored out of my mind.
  12. Traffic

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    Maybe you can grab something to eat out of the fridge.
  13. MissingInAction

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    The bandito is at it again, this time he took the fan out of my office and maintains that it is his. I am going to beat him with the power cord.
  14. Horneius_Maximus

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    do you have footage of him stealing the fan?
  15. MissingInAction

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    No cameras in my office (that I know of), or I would have been fired already for my gross abuse of network policies.
    I found out from one of his cowrkers that he is aware of the youtube video. Hasn't said anything to me about it of course because he is a spineless fat douche.
  16. Horneius_Maximus

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    can you recreate "fat bastard stealing fan" in MS Paint?

    maybe with some bbq sauce dripping from his mouth
  17. Mr.Wizard

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    Did he take this out of your office yet?

  18. MissingInAction

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    I have deduced that this fucktard has absolutely zero concience. I took my fan back and he says straight to my face," Man I thought it was mine." I simply replied "********, and I am sick of your ****. Take anything else of mine I'll report it , and have you fired."
    So HE says, "Man why do you have it out for me?"
    WTF!!?? "You steal my delicious BBQ and now my fan! How do I have it out for you?"
    "WHatever dude..."
    I swear if jail were not an issue...
  19. UTEE

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    I believe he should get his *** kicked sayin' something like that, man.
  20. MissingInAction

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    I put a sign on the fridge today

    There are 4 cameras in this room in plain sight.
    You are stupid to do it.

    Bandito won't look me in the face, which is good cause he is a grotesque f**k. Looks like that hump back dude from 300.

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