BCS Poll: KState #2

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. LonghornCatholic

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  2. orangecat1

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    if Kstate wins out, they can't be caught. However, if 'bama loses, they will drop down to #3 or #4, and if Notre Dame wins out, the NC game could be Notre Dame against Ksu, which I think would be a good game, certainly a nice change from the constant SEC SEC stuff.

    This could also get very interesting if Oregon wins out as well.

    USC plays both Oregon and Notre Dame, or did the Trojans already play Oregon?
  3. l00p

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    o'cat, they play November 3rd in Los Angeles. That will be a fun game, maybe.
  4. Longhorny630

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    I hope K-State wins out. Granted I'd love to see the Horns spoil them for once in a decade but, I'd love for somebody not named Oklahoma bring some respect to the Big 12
  5. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    The closest Alabama game has been 19 points thru 8 games with most being 30+ point margins. They have LSU and aggy coming up with no other contenders left. I doubt they lose a game this year and will be playing KSU in the championship game. Hopefully KSU can put up a fight!
  6. FireRC

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    KSU and Oregon appear to be the only teams that might be able to stop Alabama, unless Alabama plays their twos.
  7. everette

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    If Oklahoma wins out and K-State wins out except for us (as if), doesn't K-State get the nod due to head to head?

  8. EPThorn

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    Snyder should win COY and it shouldn't be remotely close. Klein should win the heisman, especially when he puts up video game number against our defense. Please forgive me for being happy for him for having us as their last game before the heisman vote.

    I would love to see KSU in the MNC game. Would it be completely wrong for me to sort of cheer for them on Dec 1st.
  9. Olehornfan

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    I would love to see the top four win out. Wouldn't that be a BCS mess.
  10. ViperHorn

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  11. Loma Vista

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    Yeah, that's what's wrong with the SEC this year, it's watered down. Has nothing to do with Petrino or Auburn. At all.
  12. Denmark

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    NO! you can't root for KSU vs us [​IMG]

    So I hope only 3 win out [​IMG]
  13. scottyhorn

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    Let's go KSU and win a national championship for the big 12 would love to see it since UT will be 6-6 and playing in the Buffalo wild wings bowl
    Or 7-5 if they Case the next couple of games
  14. Texanne

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    KState is going to roll us whether I root for Texas or not. Rooting's got nothing to do with it. It's production.

    And if KState finds itself in the championship game, I'll be wearing purple.
  15. Alex_de_Large

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    I hope Oregon wins out and goes. I believe K State bailed on a game with Oregon this year that would have settled this on the field.
  16. dthree36

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    I am hoping for 4 undefeated teams. Just to screw with the BCS. That would be so awesome if NB, Bama, K State, Oregon or Oregon State were all undefeated. Since the Horns aren't in the equation, I would love the media up roar on this. Of course that means another loss for our Horns if this scenario plays out the way I stated.
  17. Bill in Sinton

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    It could result in BCS confusion, controversy and condemnation but a sportscaster had a good point. He said why not have 4 teams right now. There is still time to work it out. We are starting it in 2014 but why not move ahead right now?
  18. Loma Vista

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    dthree36, it's going to be extremely hard for Oregon State to go undefeated with their remaining schedule.

    Hell, even if they do find a way to win all of their games from here on out I don't think they'll be able to go undefeated.
  19. darius

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    It's not Oregon State's remaining schedule that make it difficult for them to go undefeated, it's their past schedule. OSU's loss to Washington this past Saturday dealt a serious blow to the Beavers' dream of a perfect season. But, hey, never say never (I guess...).
  20. Loma Vista

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    Did you notice something going over your head a few minutes ago?
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  22. Seattle4UT

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    Unfortunately, Texas will be steamrolled (how about pummeled) by KSU 66-3. Especially in frosty Manhattan.

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