Becky Hammon to the WNBA?

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, Dec 31, 2021.

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    Not Longhorn related but...

    Hammon's name gets thrown around a lot whenever a high profile position in women's basketball opens up but I think most, including myself, assumed she was focused solely on becoming the first female NBA head coach. According to reports, she is set to become the highest paid WNBA head coach on a 5-year deal with the Las Vegas Aces replacing Bill Laimbeer. If she does go to Vegas, I'd say she has come to the conclusion she is never really going to get a legit shot at head coach in the NBA. I can't say I disagree with that because her resume is just as good as several NBA assistants who have been hired in recent seasons and more promising than a few of the mediocre retread head coaches that always seem to find jobs in the league.

    The Aces, formerly the Utah Starzz (1997-2002) and the San Antonio Stars (2003-2018), have a real connection to Hammond. She played for the SA Stars from 2007-2014 and the Aces retired her jersey last season. There are much worse WNBA teams to take over than Vegas. Aja Wilson is a restricted free agent but they're going to give her the max and hold onto her. Liz Cambage is an unrestricted free agent but could not be a guarantee to show up for any season and the oft-injured Angel McCoughtry hasn't been very reliable the past few years. Even with all that, a lot of talent on the squad.
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    I never saw that Lambeer was no longer the coach. Becky says there’s only 30 jobs in the NBA and only 3 or 4 really and they are very difficult to get. She’s interviewed several times. I was hoping she’d be the first, but the Aces are going to get a really good coach. I’m curious what kind of money is involved.
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    Interesting. I thought she would be a WCBB coach before WNBA. The pay is better for college coaches. I still think it will be a while before they actually hire a female NBA coach.
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    I can still see her succeeding Popovich as the Spurs head coach. Perhaps she learned in those interviews having some head coaching experience can really benefit her in the long run if she wants that NBA job.
    I’d think the life of a WNBA head coach is much less stressful and taxing than a college gig. No recruiting alone would be a heavy burden lifted
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    Congratudolences to Becky. Happy for her to get a Head Coaching gig. Too bad it isn't in the NBA. I think she found the glass ceiling. Maybe she can shatter that s.o.b. after Pop retires.
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    I say congratulations to the Aces and to the WNBA. The Aces may just be raising the bar.
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    Pop should have retired the same time Timmy did. It would have preserved his reputation.
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