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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by zuckercanyon, Jan 18, 2021.

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    I wonder if the future will bring more big time matchups where the networks pay two programs say an extra $10-$15 million to play a game in September instead of the "division 2" opponents. Like an early season bowl game. That could open up say Texas vs A&M etc etc. Although it could harm a team's chances for the CFP, perhaps the extra cash inflow for these "big time matchups" would offset any public relations harm of playing an extra tough out of conference game or two that inhibits a team's ability to make the playoff. Please don't pile on the A&M reference as any political stand on playing that game. Main focus is schools getting paid extra BIG dollars for taking the risk of loss early in the year....
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    Not directly jumping on your agggy reference, but to play for the big money it has to be two schools with national interest that usually do not play each other. Texas/aggy does not move that meter. The Domers v. any ranked team moves the meter. Texas/Clemson would move the meter. USC/Texas or USC/ou would move the needle.
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    Aggy is upping their future schedule with not just one FCS (and below), but two FCS schools per year. Shameless. They’ll schedule straight out of conference cupcakes and then have to just worry about Bama, LSU and sometimes Auburn. They’ve manipulated their schedule were they may never lose more than two games.....ever.
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    Have you looked at our future OOC schedule?! Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Georgia, Florida, Arizona State...without network payday...
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    Hard to say. How much would a big game be worth to a TV network? Do they have the extra money to spend beyond the huge $$$ they've already spent for TV rights? Would more viewers translate to more revenue for them, or are TV ads already priced and sold, and companies don't want to spend more than the usual amount, even if the ad would be seen by more viewers?

    Finally, are the teams in a league contract already so any extra amount is divvyed up by all team members, instead of going just to them?

    As with most things, it's a lot more complicated than just thinking let the network pay some extra money to make something happen.
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    The aggy rollercoaster was broken this year. But I believe it will be fixed next year. Next year will be another No-vember.
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    Dont forget that these big OOC match ups are usually a home and home schedule between the two teams. Arkie next year is a decent game vs SEC mid tier (a leftover from prior years) but ticket prices and sellout are guaranteed with Bama in 2022.

    Selling 100K season tix with pkg of 6 games is a huge bump. Say 65K regular season ticket holders, LHF etc and add in 30K @ $450-$2000 per seat on the season. Min $15K bump for one game and it includes 5 more home games.

    I would prefer a home and home OOC schedule with Bama, Mich, tOSU, GA & FL than the same game at JerryWorld, NRG etc
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    The "big ticket" games are important for engaging fan interest and participation. I have posted my thoughts on this league for over two decades: It is a short term answer to a long term problem. We have no rivals and the other member institutions have no following. Simply put, we don't get to play Texas or OU every other year at home like the rest of the league does. OU is in the same boat we are, only their people (other than students), will show up no matter who they are playing. Their game with OSU is a rivalry to the OSU people only. (Sound familiar)?

    The ND, USC and LSU games are the only times in the last decade that DKR has rocked. Of course, winning will take care of a lot of that. Mack made Longhorn Football a social event, in addition to a football game, and created a frenzy at the box office. If Sark can do the same, beat OU and win bowl games, (TH could only do one), then it won't matter who we schedule. Although I am a big fan of the future OOC games we have.

    Let's face it, nothing says "We're Texas" more than an a roaring SRO crowd at the Texas-Bama game, listening to scores of the aggies beating a directional Louisiana school 27-19.

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