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    I am growing a man crush for Joe. I love how he runs, bulldozing and running through arm tackles yesterday was fun to see. I know it was just Wyoming, but man it is hard to stop a full head of steam Bergeron coming at you with 240lbs+. He's a beast!

    We truly have a 3 headed monster in the backfield. Mix in DJ on the jet sweep, DAMN!

    I think this season is going to be a lot of fun.
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    Yea, I like the idea of using Bergeron early in the game to wear down the other team, then using him late when tired defenders can't muster the energy to stop him. His speed is underrated. He's shown this year and last year he can break away.
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    I wish we would add a force multiplier effect in wearing down a defense with a hurryup offense. It seems like it gives teams that execute it well like OU and Oregon a boost; like a deep receiver open or somebody not thinking and/or moving quick enough.
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    Looking forward to a wishbone set with Overstreet and all three RB's
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    It is going to be fun watching Bergeron and Brown get going and then bringing Gray into the mix. I would love to see all 3 get over 100 yds in the same game.
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    Hes' got this ability to recover his center of balance. If a potential tackler doesn't wrap up and only hits his lower body, he gets his hip(s) ((and therefore his foot)) back under him so quickly, he rarely goes down... even if he has to, he puts a hand down first to keep upright.
    This can't be taught, if it was, someone sure knows the details of body mechanics.... must be a gift.

    There was a post last season on visions of Earl... they both have this ability, one far more than the other, IMHO.
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    Until the big run late, Brown was far and away the better runner. Brown can run between the tackles and get outside. We have 3 very good runners, but until proven different, Brown would be my #1.
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    Agree with wadster. It's really not close due to MB's patience.

    I was really disappointed in the lack of touches Gray got, our O line, especially the interiors, and while ash did decent, I was displeased with him holding the ball. He threw the ball way too late to Davis twice. The defensive **** will take care of itself. I don't worry about Byndom or vaccarro. Overall, a C+. Was expecting more heading into it and was bored much of game, but upon reflection they shouldn't be showing a whole lot until OU.

    If the D plays the way it should and we have a kicker, this is a 40-10 game and a B- grade.
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    All these guys can go outside. MB is more patient than Bergeron with plenty of power and speed. I still love the way a power back like Bergeron now and Marion Barber III back in his prime performs against a tired defense. I think MB is better against a fresh defense. Wow and when things start hitting for Gray, he'll be the guy the tired defenses can't catch.
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    The thing about Bergeron, and maybe I'm mis-remembering, but it seems like his biggest impact comes in the fourth quarter. I didn't see the game so I don't know if he was used differently than MB was, but it seems like his big runs are typically against guys that are just too tired to tackle him.

    That's not a knock, btw, I just think that he's the guy that you give the ball to in the fourth quarter when you want to start landing haymakers.
  14. wadster

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    Bergeron started, but was getting around 2-3 yds per carry early where MB was able to bounce some runs outside and pick up big chunks of yardage. Bergeron got the 50 yarder up the gut with a nice cut and blasted through a tackler. The TD was taken around the left Tackle.
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    Brown was much more impresive for the night. Bergeron looked really slow in the first half (perception?) and our run game with Bergeron was really inefective. Then again it was the first first quarter of our first game.
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    I think it is official... I know it has only been one game but Joe Bergeron's nickname for the season has to be ICE BERGE! It's catchy and with his power and strength (to even bring down ships) it makes sense. Let's get this on LHN!
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    This is going to be a great season for our RB's...can't wait to see Gray and what he can bring to the table!!! [​IMG]
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    as weird as it sounds, I prefer Brown on short yardage too. He's got good power and much better vision. When they finally gave him a carry on goal line, just like in the scrimmages, he scored immediately. Bergeron kind of plows ahead. If there's a hole and he gets into it, he will truck the LB or DB, but the hole has to be there. Great for late in games when the D-Line is tired, but when the line is holding the line they need Brown in there.

    Brown just seems to have great vision and runs to it. Hate that he didn't get to score on the Statue of Liberty. He properly followed his blocker, and was ready to make a cut when he got tangled up with the blocker.
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