Best route from Atlanta to Houston?

Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by CMA 5.110, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. CMA 5.110

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    Which is the best way to get on I-10 from Atlanta? Any construction or speed traps I should know about?

  2. brntorng

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    You're kidding, right? I-65 and I-85 are a direct shot to I-10. I-20 is an alternative, but it's longer.
  3. CMA 5.110

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    Not kidding. I can read a map, but I never have made the drive. Was just wondering if there were current construction or the like which makes one route better than the other at this time. Thanks for the info though. [​IMG]
  4. SabreHorn

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    Easy drive; Atlanta to Montgomery to Mobile to Slidell to Baton Rouge to Houston.

    Only good food spot I've found is Little Johnnie's in Hammond, La. Still looking for decent food between Atlanta and Mobile.

    FWIW, avoid Airline or Airway or whatever the street is called in Mobile. It is the single worst street in America. Lots of food places and hotels, but not the ten worst engineers in A&M history could "cluster" something that bad.

    MAROON 250+ Posts

    between Mobile and Montegomery is a small town called Hull Hill. There is a place there called DJ's Old Post Office BBQ. We stopped there a week ago - food was great. Pulled pork sandwhich was good, as was the fried catfish and fried green tomatoes.
    Found it on the yelp app on the i-phone. Good stuiff.
  6. Jason Atchley

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