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Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Crockett, May 9, 2016.

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    My daughter has been out of school five years and has been really successful in IT. But she thinks lawyers can make a difference and she and her husband are in a great position financially for her to enroll in law school Top choice, naturally, is Texas. But her undergrad GPA at Wellesly was only about 3.6 (not much grade inflation there.) She has not yet taken the LSAT, but if she can't get into UT, how do you feel about the state's other law schools? I know some lawyers post here and opinions off the top of your head would be valuable.
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    Above is a Link to the rankings of Texas Law Schools. I went to Texas Wesleyan which is now Texas A&M School of Law in Ft. Worth. They have a night program, which is great for those employed full time. My sister-in-law recently graduated from that school, she is currently the lead person for IT security at BNSF Railroad, but is getting impressive offers to join some Texas law firms. In a couple of years, my wife plans to go to UNT's Law School in downtown Dallas. It's fairly new, but getting good reports.

    Let me know if you have other questions I can help you with.
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    Thanks BevoJoe. I'll share this info with my daughter. She has a house in Flower Mound. I think she could do SMU, Texas Wesleyan or UNT without moving.

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    The rankings in the link Bevojoe provided look about right to me although I do not know much about the Texas A&M School of Law. UT is the obvious first choice, but if not UT and money is no object then Baylor and SMU would be next on my list. After those three, I think it would be more just a matter of personal preference with UH having perhaps a slight edge. FYI, I graduated from UT School of Law 30+ years ago and have worked with attorneys from most of the schools listed.

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