Best way to sell a timeshare?

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by LagoHorn, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. LagoHorn

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    My wife's father 'gave' us a timeshare (down on Lake Conroe) a few years ago. Even though I'm sure it's very nice, we don't ever use - so we are basically are just paying a yearly fee for nothing. What's the best way to sell or get rid of it?
  2. CleverNickname

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    Have you considered sending out postcards promising a free gift if they attend your "informational meeting"?
  3. next2naus

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    perhaps you should "give" it away as well?
  4. LagoHorn

    LagoHorn 250+ Posts

    if someone would use it, I would be glad to give it away. I just don't want to stick some 'sucker like me' with yearly payments if they aren't going to use it.
  5. TennesseeHorn

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  6. UTChE96

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    Give it to charity and write it off.
  7. LagoHorn

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    can a timeshare be given to charity?
  8. jmrob93

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    How much?
  9. accuratehorn

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    I think there are places that manage the trading or renting of time shares. And it must be worth something. Maybe you can sell it to someone that likes to go there regularly. Try to find a real estate listing book for the area, maybe there are some similar ones advertised. Call the place, maybe they can steer you to someone that will list or buy it.
  10. hriles

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    In case you haven't seen this sight:The Link

    don't know much about them, but good luck-
  11. Hellraiser98

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    Bend over.

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