Bias? What mainstream media bias?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Sangre Naranjada, Aug 29, 2012.

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    NBC and her sister channels are a bunch of racists, they didn't show one minority speech by a Republican yesterday, not one, what a bunch of bed sheet wearers!!
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    You know that something is correct about the right side and Americans can see it or they would never win. Pretty much everything on TV or that communicates to the public besides Fox News and talk radio is anti-Republican. Yahoo, ABC, NBC, AP, CNN, CBS, Most News Papers, all the late night shows, hollywood, NPR (funded by the Gov) and this is not mentioning journalist institutions how they conduct themselves toward the young.

    A bumper stick that's going around. "It's Freedom vs Free Stuff. Your choice. You only get one"

    That's pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.
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    CPF, so true, so true, [​IMG]
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    The quote is an interesting look into the sick mind of the American liberal. Do they really believe that Romney was happy that blacks were suffering due to the hurricane? Truly unbelievable. Never mind that study after study shows that conservatives donate more time, blood, and money to charity yet somehow conservatives are evil, uncaring, racist monsters who rejoice at black people drowning. There is no reasonable debate with such lunatics.
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    Where's a Satchel quote when you really need it?
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    You might be on to something. [​IMG]

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    I really hope Mich doesn't think he/she posted a brilliant rejoiner to the OT and link.
    Mich posted an opinion piece with errors and OH SHOCK!indignation at things a college student did and said 45 years ago and OH btwwhile serving his mission.

    Does it come as a surprise that Mormons serve missions?
    does it come as a surprise that deferments were given to anyone from any religion who served in a similar capacity?

    Does it come as any surprise that the writer of Mich's linked piece had facts wrong?

    How sad would it be if Mich actually thought there was equivalency between what a current adult veteran broadcaster said last week with what was written in an opinion piece on a college student and ecents from from 45 years ago?

    I am sure Mich will rectify this by pointing out that Romeny DID get drafted and did in fact do nothing like Fleeing to another country to avoid the draft

    This is the most pathetic
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    Does anybody even bother reading a post made by MichTex any more? If so, why? He's the new Satchel, except he can link stuff.
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    Yahoo news fired somebody for journalistic practices? Have they bothered to look at their fruity ads? Every day there is something up about a video that will save you money but you better look right gd now or "they" will censor it.

    How much contempt for their audience does that suggest?

    As for mainstream media bias, why is there any debate about it? Most journalists are liberal leaning: why is that?

    The WSJ is very conservative; why is that?

    When I worked as a stringer in the J bus many decades ago, I learned that you can easily figure out what the bias of a writer or a paper or even just a story is if you read critically. They should teach that in the schools as a part of civics. An informed electorate and all that Jeffersonian/ Lamarist claptrap.

    Is the story a straight factual account? Is it a trial balloon? From whom and why? What is the motive of the writer in pushing the story?

    The stories from the middle east are almost all plants from either the Israelis (and there are a lot of factions at work within that country; read their papers online if you doubt that), our state department, our military, our religious communities (the Jewish community has more factions than anybody short of the libertarians, none of whom seem to be on the same page with one another) or the left or right wings.

    The papers are liberally larded with stories originating with various Institutes which generate their income by being touts for various industries or political splinters or unions.

    You should read just as defensively as you drive and you should drive as if everyone is trying to hit you, which they might as well be.
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    Doesn't the fact that Yahoo fired the person refute the notion claimed by the op?

    Further, the idiotic utterance of a single person belonging to an organization or profession is hardly grounds for dismissing the entity as a whole.

    I know you don't care about that. Go back to your nice little circle where you make facile determinations about complex issues and then dismiss anyone who disagrees with you. The deck chairs over there by the Titanic life preserver are a perfect spot.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Don't forget your flags! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    It suggests the possibility but proves nothing by itself.

    There were some pretty terrible quotes about Martin Luther King that emerged from a private meeting of high officials in the Reagan Administration. Does that similarly suggest issues with that GOP administration? How much weight would you give it?

    I know little and care less about Yahoo News. They may all be filthy communists for all I know. They may also be the best journalists in the world. I just don't think the quote from a Yahoo webcast proves much about what the op calls the "mainstream media." Do you?
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    Sangre -no, no one cares about MichTex. Or, for that matter, any of the BO koolaid drinkers. And they could care less about us, so maybe they will go away like Satch did (knock wood!)
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    Reagan did not creat MLK Day, Congress did. Reagan just signed the bill, which passed with huge margins

    Dono about the alleged slurs but I can think of several about MLK that are true: he plagiarized his dissertation and cheated on his wife.

    He also repeatedly put his life on the line trying to generate more liberty for black people. I liked him when he was alive and still do.
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    MLK was also a Repbulican, very inspirational person in American history.
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    You're still missing my point. My point is not that Reagan was a racist, my point is that the presence of the evidence I named is not enough to do so.

    Here is a link to what I'm talking about from the LA Times.

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    From Bronco's fine post:

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    Roma- I agree. Although the comments this guy made are so over the top I think he really meant it deep down. I hope we all tell off color jokes and such with our friends and, like i am sure you do with yours, it is never a one sided bash but equal bashing of all things including each other.

    Maybe I have a poor sense of humor but what this guy said wasnt even funny ot witty or anything. Just a dumb comment. And to be sure, he knew he wasnt at the bar with his buddies- he was after all miced up and on set during a political convention.
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