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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by mchammer, Nov 24, 2020.

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    immigration is just one of the pikes that the dems are going to hoist their own heads onto. race preferences is another and gender preferences still another.

    When the anti gun people realize that Biden will only back Senator Blumenthal's red flag law and nothing else (Connecticut has a lot of gun manufacturers) they are going to be sort of unhappy.

    Prosecution of various odious Trumpies will result in counter charges about how come dems with blemishes are not being prosecuted. And then there is the president elect's son.
    Lots of howls re re-districting will also make things nippy.

    anybody who thinks things are going to "get back to normal' is going to be seriously out of sorts. The 2024 election for president is possibly going to see major ruptures in both parties.
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    New shirts available

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  6. mchammer

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    Some truth to this:

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    Remember that’s the one a breath length from being our leader and commander in chief.
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    He'll hold as much power in his hands as Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski or Mitt Romney. Those in the "center" will get to call the shots to include their pet legislation.
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    Asian women make more money than white men:

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    mchammer, this isn't about reality. This is about power. The Democratic Party believes that the problem with America is whites, at least all those whites who aren't already in power, for example the white haired male making the announcement.

    The President saying things like this will only radicalize whites more. The Ds have now created an identity group, whites, that they can slander as white supremacists. Any time whites push back to get their redresses to their grievances, it will simply be called an attack on POCs by racists.
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    It's been that way for a while now. Racial discrimination is now official government policy.

    The company I work for is really putting the squeeze on project managers and purchasing agents to buy materials and services from just those types of vendors Biden is talking about.
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    Yes. This is what social justice means.
  13. AustinHorn24

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    If the capitol building assault had a group of black folks charging up the steps instead of white folks, you'd see a lot of bodies shot to hell stacked up on the capitol steps.

    For the record, I'm in favor of shooting anyone who breaches the building, black or white. But white folks got some definite privilege going on when it comes to breaching buildings that black folks don't get.

    And before you start posting antifa photos, please note that 99% of the antifa losers are white people.
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  14. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    ********, how many black people were killed by police in riots last year? You can't just dismiss those because a lot were white.
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    Drop Twitter.
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    What a terrifying thought.
  18. humahuma

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    Harris will be President
  19. iatrogenic

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    You have been brainwashed by your party's B.S. Don't be a useful idiot to your Party.
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  20. mb227

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    Who said he was doing it for their Party?
  21. huisache

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    Most of the BLM protesters did not riot or loot. Those who did would not get shot attacking the Capitol——-it does not have any shoe stores
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  22. AustinHorn24

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    It's hilarious how people automatically put me into the extreme left wing liberal camp because I told the truth about a black/white double standard when it comes to policing.

    I'm actually an equal opportunity shooter kind of person. Black, or white, if you breach a building you deserve to get shot. Wehther you are looting a store or breaching the capitol building.

    Here's the deal though -- it's never been true that police can protect all businesses at all times, especially during a riot. It's not a reasonable expectation to expect police to guard Payless shoe stores 24/7.

    However it's entirely reasonable to expect police to guard the capitol building, white house, etc. That's why the failure of policing involving the capitol building is much worse than what happened when BLM rioters looted businesses.

    I was actually happy to see Koreans shooting up black gangsters during the 92 LA riots to protect their stores.

    Black folks don't deserve a free pass on anything -- just an equal opportunity to get shot (or not) like white folks.
  23. iatrogenic

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    It is clear that you do not know the facts concerning unarmed blacks and whites involved in police shootings
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  24. iatrogenic

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    But the Libs argue that guns should be outlawed because the police will protect everyone.
  25. mb227

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    The very same police that they want to defund...

    They ignore the stupidity of the conflict in their own positions
  26. Run Pincher

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    This x 1000. The fact that when a confrontation with the police occurs a white person is twice as likely to get shot as a black person is just the beginning.
  27. mchammer

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    What about the ones who tore down statues or caused fires?
  28. huisache

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    I don't care about them one way or the other. The cops don't shoot rioters because the people who are in charge of the cops don't want the rioters' friends shooting them or voting against them. Insurance covers statues and the like a lot cheaper than excessive force lawsuits, where us lawyers clean up. I speak from both personal experience as a defense lawyer for local governments and as an ex rioter half a century ago.
  29. huisache

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    .....and as any cop I know will tell you, once you start shooting into crowds there is no way of telling who you hit or where they are standing. You shoot at a rioter and you may hit a reporter or a photographer or somebody out for a stroll who thinks crowds are fun to watch.
  30. AustinHorn24

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    So when Trumps clowns mob the fence and storm the inauguration platform where Joe Biden is standing, the cops and soldiers can't shoot them?


    They can and should shoot them

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