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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by WillUSAF, Sep 12, 2020.

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    "Don't make me come up there!" <Dad yelling from downstairs> :smile1:
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    Herman coached Texas teams 2 - SEC opponents 1
    All time Texas vs. Alabama 8-1-1
    Vanderbilt 1 - Texas 0 from a game in the '20s.
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    3:00 minutes to go and LSU had a 3rd and 18 with a 6 point lead. The LSU D was cramping,gassed and actually flopping( which marble mouth blamed on bad a/c). LSU D that had squandered a half lead of 20-7 to now 37-31 and couldn’t stop us. So basically a scenario similar to the 2005 Rose bowl. We stop them and we score, take the lead and hope we didn’t give them too much time on the clock left to score. (This scenario happens a lot in Spread offense college football games). But we give up the 3rd and 18. Had someone made a play then we could of very easily won.

    Revenge has some impact, as the team that got beat usually has more focus than the team that won.
    I invite you to play ESPN College pickem-Hornfans- to put your theories to test.
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    Yep....that 3rd and 18 will haunt for awhile.
    It was a matter of inches getting to the QB, great effort by the WR to work open, and an NFL level play by Burrow to stay calm and get him the ball. That was the game. (Missed opportunities at the start notwithstanding)
    Seemed they were further away from stopping us than we were them in the 2nd half. Their D was totally gassed no doubt.
    Credit to Burrow and his WRs, but that game was there for the taking at the start and again at the end.
    I will say this....based on the rest of our performances it appears we were playing over our head. Don't know how much that game changed the course of the year for each team (probably alot), but the results for both after that game leaves little argument as to who had the better team.
    They were classless punks, though, and BigO a douche FWTW
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    Yeah rain we had them in a 3and 18 but they got it and I do not feel like we ever showed we could stop them. Jmo
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    3 min left, down by 6, 3rd and 18, IF we stop them, IF we can score 7, IF we can hold them with time left...

    Only the first IF mattered.

    LSU was a great team with a great QB and we played them a great game at DKR.

    With our future schedule set with top P5 opponents for the next 10 years we will have to see them in postseason for the next game.
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    It's a far cry from a paragraph of events that have to happen to "really should have won".

    Texas really should have won against ISU, but the defense jumped offside and thus negated the game losing missed field goal. That's "really should have won" close, not 1. Stop them on 3rd down. 2. Stop them on 4th down - I think they would have correctly gone for it. UT's defense was as worn out as LSU's - score on that possession and LSU wins, as they did. 3. Texas scores a TD. 4. Keep LSU from making a field goal, as that would have given them the lead.

    Was it a close and exciting game, yes, but let's not overstate Texas' chance in the game, or build the myth that it should have been won by Texas.

    I just don't buy the revenge argument - half the teams lose every game, so by the "revenge" aspect, they have the edge next year? Herman's team got beat by Maryland his first game as Texas coach. A year later, all fired up on revenge, they get beat again by Maryland.

    And again, why then doesn't Texas have the edge most years against OU, as they win on average 2 of 3 times this century?

    I always cringe when I hear the world "classless". Reminds me of the perfect satire of the Ags that (blast from the past) the people's elbow did, where he wrote up a story about a guy who considered becoming a t-sip, but when to a UT game where a fan acted "classless", and thus became a Goober for life.
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    I have to wonder how the LSU game would have played out if Ingram doesn’t drop the room service TD pass. Maybe we don’t win but not only would the dynamics have changed, Ingram’s psyche would have been different as well, making him a more productive player for the rest of that game.

    Now to revenge games, I don't like them. At least for Texas those games seem to play out very badly. Contests against BYU, TCU, Maryland and OU immediately come to mind. Based on what I have seen recently, we should try to avoid revenge games, or at least the suggestion that it is a revenge game.
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    OK, I’ll try to be on my best behavior. (And believe me, that’s not easy.)
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    No problems with your post or position(except for the "classless" part...Its like... Don't want to be called a thug?...then don't act like one. Pretty simple), Duck.
    ..But I, for one, did not say nor am saying we should have won.
    Just we had chances and could have...regardless of who was the better team.
    I mean...was KState better than ou last season??
    When you have a chance to knock off a great team....its just nice to get it done and hurts to see where you might could have when you don't.
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  11. Giovanni Jones

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    NU = whiners, and it’s been that way for a long time.
  13. RainH2burntO

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    Maybe whining.....or he may have a legit beef. If I were in his shoes, the scheduling would reek of petty vengeance by the B1G for the trouble NU caused them....even though I view NU as completely correct and justified in the "argument ". B1G was wrong-headed, NU and a host of others including parents, etc called them on it....and now I'm sure the kind of people running the B1G who are never wrong and always know best want to make sure everyone else knows whose in charge...whether they deserve to be or not.
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    If you look at Ohio St schedule you’d beef too if you were Neb.
  15. Giovanni Jones

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    Maybe just a bit of whining. So says SI.

    Athletic director Bill Moos (2) said this to local reporters Saturday, after the conference released its third (and please, Lord, final) 2020 football schedule: “I’ve got a good football team with a great football coach that deserves a break here or there to start getting back on track to being a contender in the Big Ten West.”

    Nebraska coach Scott Frost (3) said in August, while passive-aggressively ruminating on secession from the league for the season: “We want to play a Big Ten schedule.” Now here is Moos in September, after a bloody but successful fight to have a fall season: Uh, not that Big Ten schedule.
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    Today is the start of Big 10 football (except Wisc-Ill last night) which is a good thing but the Big 10 STILL can't get it right. While ALL schools/conferences have fans/bands, some normalcy to the best game in our country(IMO). The Big 10 will be playing with ZERO fans and no bands. STUPID AND DUMB. The Big 10 commissioner and others should be fired for being incompetent. I also feel that no one in the conference should be considered for the playoff due to only playing 8 games. The Big 10 screwed all of these kids and fans.
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    I'm looking forward to tOSU/Nebraska today. Enjoy your season opener, Cornhuskers!
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    Why don’t you just go to your local butcher shop to watch a slaughter.
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    Nebraska scored first. I didn't see that coming.
  20. Giovanni Jones

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    Those sides of beef are fighting back. 14-14 at 8:24 in the 2nd qtr.

    NU QB Martinez is solid.

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