Big 12 Champ/NCG Scenario....

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by sblazer, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. sblazer

    sblazer 500+ Posts

    ok let's play another game.....

    this weeks polls come out and it's...

    1. bama
    2. texas
    3. ou
    4. florida

    (or 3 florida, 4. ou) percentage points separate 2-4....

    next week Texas wins, OU wins.... florida/bama is irrelevant at this point imo. OU passes Texas by the smallest of margins, BUT Tech loses to baylor, sending Texas to the big 12 champ game.

    keep in mind OU has just surpassed Texas in the BCS by a very slim margin.

    Question: Does UT in the big 12 champ game beating a team they've already deposited their load on, surpass an OU squad that just squeaked by them in the BCS... by beating mizzou again? impressively again or even unimpressively?
  2. eflow24

    eflow24 1,000+ Posts

    Yes. We would gain in the computers for beating another Top 15 BCS opponent and the voters would put us in a conference champions. Same thing with Ou.
  3. trekoclv5

    trekoclv5 100+ Posts

    i was always under the impression that you did not gain anything extra for beating the same team twice.
  4. salonghorn-70

    salonghorn-70 2,500+ Posts

    I wouldn't count on Tech losing to Baylor.
  5. SoonerAtKU

    SoonerAtKU 100+ Posts

    You do get credit for beating teams twice in the polls, human and computer. That provision was only for the older BCS system that had its own strength of schedule calculation.

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