Big 12 Softball Transfers In/Out

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    Starting a list to track ex or new competition for the 2020 season.
    Blue means transfers in.
    Red means transfers out.

    Any information you've got that's confirmed, please add to the comments and I'll update the record.
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  2. racerx5908

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    Kassidy Krupit -> South Carolina
    Tyler Trott -> Colorado State
    Kaitlyn Jones ->

    Mariah Lopez -> Arizona
    Alexa Schultz -> San Diego State *
    Parker Conrad -> UAB
    Taylon Snow <- Auburn

    Oklahoma State
    Hayley Busby <- Virginia
    Carrie Eberle <- Virginia Tech

    Adriana (Chloe) Romero ->
    Jaden Hoelker -> UT Arlington
    Colleen Sullivan <- UCLA
    Elicia Espinosa ->
    Malorie Schattle -| Giving up softball

    Texas Tech
    Kiana Workman -> Rutgers *
    Kathryn Blackwell -> Texas State

    *Updated 7/15
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  4. racerx5908

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    She's a double-transfer and listed as a Junior. So...I wonder what the transfer-and-wait rule would be for her.
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  5. racerx5908

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  6. Ellis21d

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    Wow great pickup for Okie State. Carrie Eberle was ACC pitcher of the year. 25-8 record in 2019 and a career batting average of .265. She's not Samantha Show but she obviously wants to join a team with potential to go to the WCWS. The Cowgirls are a feisty team and fun to watch. The Big 12 just continues to get better with these transfers.
  7. racerx5908

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    Makes me go "Hmmmm". They signed EIGHT players for the 2020 season. Playing time, playing time.....
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    There's no playing time anymore in college. Most rosters have about 25 players and only 10 have any meaningful playing time. Just too much supply of players available. If I had it to do all over again I would have gotten my daughter into golf instead.
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  12. UTexRulz23

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    Colleen Sullivan is transferring to UT from UCLA per her Instagram.
  13. racerx5908

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    Okay, looking back she entered the transfer portal 6/17.

    I mean....she's already got pictures in a Texas jersey?

    Yeah, I wonder what that means for the current and future catchers at UT?
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    Well, bummer that my check of the transfer portal found Elicia Espinosa on the transfer list. Someone had mentioned they heard she was a potential to be a transfer.....but I had seen her in a few twitter pictures for the recently held Summer Prospect camp held on campus. So....I had thought she would stick it out.

    Oh well, only saw her bat a handful of times and don't really know what we had in her I guess.
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  15. racerx5908

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    Reported on another thread. Here for record keeping.

    Was always a fan of her and her attitude. But, man whenever she was up to bat
    and we had runners on base, I was always wincing.
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  16. Ellis21d

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    Alysen Febrey from Georgia just announced she would be entering the transfer portal. She would be a Great pick up for Texas. Named NFCA Second Team All-Southeast Region…Started all 61 games at first base… Ended the season with a .389 batting average, 37 runs scored, 72 hits (sixth in the SEC) and nine home runs… Finished second in the SEC with 18 doubles. The only downside I see is she played first base where I think we are loaded. But she can hit and has much better batting numbers than Colleen Sullivan who committed to Texas from UCLA. Her bio information is at the bottom of this post. Just saying!

    Alysen Febrey - 2019 - Softball - University of Georgia Athletics
  17. racerx5908

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    In regards to the transfer portal, I think that there are too many players and not enough landing spots. There are those who announce they are or have entered the portal and then a few days later, they announce a new home. Those players, they started the under-the-table discussions long ago. Then there are those like our 2 players who are still without a home. Can't come back and maybe they're not getting favorable responses from their inquires?
  18. ViperHorn

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    Logical explanation racer. I would suspect they used all of their club influence in getting to Texas and have failed/are failing to generate interest the second time around. They probably will end up stepping down a rung or two. There is nothing wrong with that if they are playing for the love of the game.
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  19. Ellis21d

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    You are on target racer. If I announced I was putting my name in the transfer portal today I would want to know I had an acceptable landing spot lined up. When looking at the list of girls in the portal there are a lot without any destination. They may be left out in the cold for a transfer. Here it is only a month away from school starting.
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