Bijan hopes for Heisman slipping?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by man00, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. dukesteer

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    Man do I agree. He looked like an interception or fumble waiting to happen in College Station. It’s pathetic that “just because he’s the Alabama QB,” he starts with an edge, and a constituency.

    They really could make this award about “the best player in the country,” regardless of position, if high exposure pundits like Herbstreit, Klatt, McElroy, Blackledge and even Finebaum (did I actually say that?) pushed the point. This “best player on the beat team” crapola has to go.

    I should add that Herbstreit, Klatt and Reggie Bush have been very complementary of Bijan. That has and will continue to help the cause.
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    Jeff Ward always says the Heisman winner is almost always the most celebrated player on the most celebrated team. Since Alabama is the most celebrated team they will always have a player in the top 3.
  3. Duck Dodgers

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    Hard to say at this point who will win, but doubtful it'll be a good but not great RB from a 3-5 loss team, so far without significant wins.

    Williams won it in 98 on a 3 loss team - but was a powerhouse of a RB who had I believe the single season rushing record for yards.
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    He also, of course, had broken the all-time rushing record on the epic 60+ yard TD run against aggroid.

    So, all the 3+ loss talk is missing some context. Bijan ain't winning it, and if history is an indicator of the Heisman being unkind to Texas, he may not win it at all.
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    Are we talking about the same player, Bijan Robinson? What would he have to do to earn “great” recognition?

    Perhaps their opinions don’t account for much but Klatt, Herbstreit and Bush seem to think that he is “great.”
  6. horninchicago

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    He should be able to block for himself.
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  7. Duck Dodgers

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    Production. I have no doubt he has great talent - but unlike say the NFL draft, Hype-smans are given for what has been accomplished by either the player, or the team.

    As with Williams, on a 3 or more loss team, he'd need 2000 yards, or the total rushing record, or having a huge game in a victory against a highly ranked opponent.

    Getting yards in losses, or leading Texas to a win against TCU, isn't going to cut the mustard.
  8. dukesteer

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    Winners since 2011 like Robert Griffin III, Manziel and Lamar Jackson — 30% of the last 10 — would suggest otherwise.

    As I have said before, this is a beauty contest, heavily weighted by late season performance. (What have you done for me lately?)

    A great case study was Leonard Fournette, the absolute runaway predicted winner a few years ago early in the season. He didn’t win.

    If Bijan tears it up over his last five games and has a (must have) big game against KSU on the 26th, I will like his chances.
  9. Duck Dodgers

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    I don't - is there a ranked team left on the schedule *maybe ISU but too lazy to check)? Hard to win by beating KSU or W VA.

    Manziel had the signature win against #1 (I think) Alabama, and Jackson was on some 10-1 teams.

    We'll have to disagree and see what happens.
  10. dukesteer

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    Ricky was fantastic, but remember that he ran from the I with a fullback, Ricky Brown, leading the way, and he carried the ball 361 times (!) in 1998, for a 5.9 YPC average. He also fumbled quite a few times…

    Bijan runs out of a different set, with a weaker line and no fullback. It’s a different game today. Bijan’s 2021 carries, extrapolated out for 12 games would come up to 252, or more than 100 less than Ricky. BR’s YPC is 6.3.

    BTW, Reggie Bush only had 200 carries in 2005, but a YPC of 8.7. One has to remember that he also benefitted from having the best big back in the game in the same backfield, plus a former Heisman winner at QB.

    Don’t count Bijan out. I’ll bet that Sark will do what he can to help BR’s Heisman effort, but he will never admit it. A Heisman winner can do wonders for a program, recruiting, and a new HC. Just look at Fred Akers, or ask Mack.

    This is not lost on Sark.
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  11. BevoJoe

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    Baylor is at #20 in both the Coaches and the AP polls with a 6-1 record

    ISU, not currently ranked in either poll.
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  12. Sangre Naranjada

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    And Ricky himself concurs with that opinion.
  13. mb227

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    Don't forget completing a pass downfield to himself after he releases on the block...
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  14. mb227

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    Barring a complete collapse by the QB's ahead of him on the Vegas pricing, the reality is he won't win. However, if he keeps up the current pace, he will get an invite. And that helps to increase expectations for the following likely also does not hurt on the recruiting to be able to say we at least put players in a position to win the big-name award.
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  15. moondog_LFZ

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  16. RainH2burntO

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    Baylor next week.....then ISU...that is all.
  17. nashhorn

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    Neither of which will be easy.

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