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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by caryhorn, Apr 25, 2021.

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    Seeing as Nebraska beat Florida 52-24 I'd say yes. Plus he was suspended for virtually the entire year and they were undefeated.
    I'm unaware of multiple Florida players charged with murder being allowed to play.
    VT? Was that the year they got their *** kicked by Kansas or the year Stanford beat the crap out of them?
    My response to.dukesteer was about coaches with attitude issues succeding with superior talent. Your the one who interjected the 500 lb. red herring into the discussion.
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    No, they got their *** kicked by Nebraska 41-21, probably because their QB was worried abut facing three rape charges. (Counting players on bond, not charges)
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    First it wasn't their QB. Second, they had 19 players out on bond at least a some of who were presumably eligible to play in the game and they still got their *** kicked? Pretty sure you're not making the point you think you are.
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    Drinkinrapist was out on bond. Not sure the third shoe had fallen yet.

    I'll hold by my number of 19.
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    If you're referring to Drukenmiller the charges against him stemmed from a bar brawl. The judge threw threw the charge out. The rape charges were 3 years later.
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    Three sexual assaults
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    None of which occurred at VT which is the subject at hand.
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    The subject at hand is criminals, but you're telling me if an athlete commits a crime somewhere other than campus, it is not a crime and his bond doesn't count. Damn, you sound like Shane Beamer or Bud.

    Facts are that Frank Beamer was and is a worthless piece of ****, who loaded his team with scum. I dare say you never dealt with Beamer and his classless cretins face to face. I have NEVER seen a bigger collection of trash than that team. The way his players treated and the things they said to the Miami parents at the Auto Parts Bowl was beyond comprehension.
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    No I'm telling you if they happened 3 years after they were out of school it's not on the school.
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    IDE, it seems like you are talking past this argument.

    I don’t think anyone disagrees that as the quality of the talent improves, so usually will the record. SH is simply pointing out that if a roster is heavily populated with individuals who are well known to law enforcement because of their behavior, recruiting such players taints any accomplishments on the field. I would have to agree. He further points out that certain programs with certain coaches ignored such player issues because apparently it didn’t matter to them how they achieved what was achieved on the field. That’s not how we do things at Texas.

    It’s a valid point that many of us happen to agree with.
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    ^Bijan for the Heisman? Possible - but IMO there are some qualifiers to be considered:
    (1) He must stay healthy.
    (2) Texas must be a contender for the Big XII.
    (3) The offensive line must develop quickly so he can see some holes and running lanes.
    (4) The offense must have enough balance that opposing defenses can't stack against the run.
    (5) The defense must be good enough to prevent getting way behind early (forcing the offense to play catch-up with the passing game).

    If all those come along, Bijan would be a viable candidate - or at the least, he could position himself as the favorite for his junior season.
    Just my opinion.
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    I would add that his game cape should be burnt orange instead of red.

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    I believe one reason they picked him is many expect him to be used a lot due to what is perceived as a questionable QB situation.
    For is all about line improvement.
    No doubt the kid can ball like a Heisman candidate, but....he will need a line to help
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    Of course he needs the best line we can put together.
    But scheme also helps.
    A truly great RB doesn't need a hole you can drive a truck thru.
    Just give him a little daylight.
    He will have the vision and physical tools to find the crack in the line and hit it.
    Then the skills to cut and make the secondary miss tackles.
    It will be quite the season if Bijon were to even be mentioned in the Heisman race.
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    I do want Bijan to get more carries per game than last year but not to be overused. I still think the QBs will be fine. Thompson may be special with his speed and running ability. He will extend drives with his feet, plus we know he can throw. Thompson is in the same category of Frasier, Tony Rice And Tee martin but can probably throw better. And i like Card a lot. Is it settled that Worthy will be with the team this season? He has the potential to be a game changer and will help the QBs.
    I am thinking the defense will be fine because of the transfers and coach K.
    I don't see any glaring weaknesses barring multiple injuries at one position. I see us being competitive in every game. Our opponents know they will have to play their A game to beat us. But it won't be a cakewalk with this schedule. Some are picking us to lose the first two games.
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    Some calling Worthy a big breakout candidate, even

    Then again, some calling anyone just about anything at this point in the offseason ..
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    D'Onte Foreman proved this^^^^...and I agree...
    A good or even great season can be had....but a truly memorable and remarkable Heisman run likely will require a little more from the line even with his skills. I'm excited to find out either way and would be thrilled being right or wrong.
    I defintely expect improved line play but not that huge of a jump year we will most likely see your theory tested and what he can do with what he's given.
    I'm with you in that I think it's probably a whole lot either way. :hookem:
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    Getting excited for the season. Bijan will be a load for all of the B12. Plus our secondary and special teams should be real good. To me Bijan carries per game will depend a lot on how the QB’s are doing, and his health. I see a good season maybe a great one. From the team. For Bijan, I can see 1,300 yards plus if he stays healthy. Maybe over 1,500.
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