Bikers that are too matchy matchy

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by VYFan, Sep 5, 2010.

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    So I drive past these two guys. Manly in every way. Biking in the heat. In the hills. Very lean, very muscular. Athletes. Men.
    But, they are wearing cutesy matching bike stuff.
    Why do they do that?

    Is there some sponsorship for just riding around town practicing, or is it more fun to make believe you are a Tour de France team or what?
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    There are teams that don't compete internationally but do so nationally and regionally. They are obviously sponsored and that means they don't have to buy their gear and apparel. They were likely training and why wear things you may have paid for if you can wear what was given to you by your team sponsors?
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    Sorry, can't buy that. Serious bikers only have one set of biking gear to wear, and that's something someone gave them? Don't the guys have to phone each other up that morning and say, "I'm wearing the lime green with baby blue dots shirt today, so wear yours, too?" Cause that's what they were wearing. Guys just usually aren't like that, but I do see this a lot, so I know there is some explanation.

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    Well, I stand corrected, or sit corrected.
    I suppose if I saw two "bikers" all matched up, I'd really have something to post.

    That guy riding next to Lance is exactly the problem I'm talking about. Look at his face! Obviously, Lance didn't feel the need to wear the costume to practice that day. He's just cool, out riding his "cycle."
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    I just hate it when the fat ones where the spandex. Come on man, you dont need to be showing me that. Why not just wear regular shorts, its not like your fast anyway.
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    Loop's answer is actually a pretty good one. There are lots of teams, clubs, and organizations that ride together and have jerseys made. They might be sponsored and get them for free, or maybe they just wanted a team/club jersey and got a group discount. Bike jerseys can be pretty expensive (along with shorts, gloves, shoes, etc), so there are a lot of cyclists who only have a few jerseys. If they get a few for free or at a discount through their team or club, that could easily be half the jerseys they own. Then you go riding with one of your teammates and whadaya know, both of you are wearing one of the only jerseys you own. Not surprising.

    As for me, I'm not on any team or club, so I just stick to solid colors. I understand that professionals are paid to look like an anthropomorphic advertisement, but I don't see why I should have to look like one.

    My dad is kinda fat and doesn't wear the spandex shorts; he wears mountain bike shorts even though he only rides a road bike. I don't think they should even bother making spandex shorts above a size L. No one wants to see that, and like has been said, you're not fast anyway.
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    Lance had the US Armed Forces Cycling team out for a day at his ranch. They went for a training ride.
    You understand the concept of a "team", don't you?
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    To me the implication was that you need to be "fast" (and skinny) to be allowed to wear spandex. Why else would he say "No one wants to see that (wearing spandex), you're not fast anyway"?

    A cyclist understands that wearing cycling shorts is about comfort and function. It's like telling a football player that he's too small and skinny to be wearing a helmut and pads.

    Overweight cyclists aren't trying to emulate Lance, they just want to be comfortable while riding.
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    It's convenient you are not buying cuz I ain't selling. I gave it to you, your answer.

    Since you don't want to accept the answer why don't you tell us what you want as the answer. Or have you already given it?

    They would have more than one set and if you pay attention to cyclists around town, more in the hills on training rides you will see them in their team jersey's or colors. They are proud of what they are doing and what they may have accomplished. While they are not pro's they are in fantastic shape so they are proud of it and wear it with pride.

    As mentioned, equipment to include jerseys and shorts (sometimes especially) is very expensive. I know that if I were part of a team and had a few given to me and I had a handful of my own stuff that I paid for I would not wear mine hardly ever at all. No sir. I would wear out the freebies and save some cash, a lot of it.
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    From your description of them I immediately thought of them as pro cyclists and part of a team. I stick by that.

    If they did call one another up (which I doubt and hope not) to coordinate their apparel, shame on them. I don't think this was the case. It would be douchey if so.
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    The OP did state that in this case they were in great shape which leads me and possibly others to assume they are pro's on some level or another.
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    Is it OK if we all wear burnt orange shirts to football games, or is that too matchy matchy?

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