Bill Richardson To Endorse Obama

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by naijahorn, Mar 21, 2008.

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    This could be a significant endorsement with the latino segment. We'll have to wait and see though.
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    If Obama pulls the trigger and picks him as VP, that would be a significant swing IMO due to the pull of the hispanic voters. However, Obama isn't very well accepted amongst the hisp voters as a whole.

    Good Day for Obama. As long as he doesn't open his mouth and ad lib "Thanks, Bill's a Typical Mexican".
  4. MTF

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    Good pick up for Obama. Would have helped a lot more a few weeks ago, I think, but on the other hand it's good for Obama to get some purely positive press like this after the week he's had.
  5. Sii

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    I think he is going to be the VP

    big pickup for Obama

    is also a superdelegate and can help send a message back to other ones as well that this is the guy
  6. Ralphie

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    Wow, I wasn't expecting that.

    Richardson would be an outstanding choice for VP for both HRC or BHO. He causes problems for the GOP: swing state Governo, hispanic but an "American" name (you know, for the rednecks), unmatched resume, "adult supervision" a la Cheney, etc.
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    I don't think he is that well thought of in New Mexico. Could be wrong, but I spend a lot of time there. The state police are called the "Richardson Gestapo" by New Mexicans. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the man. Anyway it probably doesn't hurt Obama, but I don't think it helps much and he would be a lousy choice for VP. He needs to reach down deep and find a typical white person.
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    Richardson is extremely popular in New Mexico.
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    richardson is a buffoon.
  12. hornv

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    I stand corrected. I must spend time with a bunch of republicans although some are democrat state senators family members. Still think it is a non-issue and would be a poor pick for VP though.
  13. Sii

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    sources in the LA times are saying Obama may be planning on running out a series of endorsements leading up to PA

    who could be next? Edwards? Gore?
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    Anyone recall who was the Chair of the 2004 Dem Convention?

    Bill Richardson.

    Richardson will likely have some definite pull in superdelegate and convention land as a major party insider.

    With an Obama/Richardson ticket, Richardson could put these states in play: NV, NM, CO, maybe AZ, and possibly even TX.

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    Wow. Almost shocking, really.

    I've always liked Richardson but I never thought he'd be a potential Veep candidate for Obama, simply because I thought he was too much of a Clintonite.

    I'd have to say, after endorsing Obama, Richardson's the odds-on favorite for Obama's VP.
  19. triplehorn

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    Rafe -I have not been to a convention. Aside from the voters, who do you believe influences the (super) delegates ?

    Endorsements can carry significant momentum. When you are a Chair of a party convention, honorary or otherwise, it's not because you are a johnny come lately lacking broad support and appeal. Richardson, who also ran his own presidential campaign this year, carries gravitas that has been built on party relationships that carry additional influence, i.e. delegates.

    Personally, I think I witnessed the first appearance of a future team today.

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    Hillary's camp calling it "insignificant" - even after trying to get his endorsement for months and her ragging Richardson on the phone when he told her yesterday - and Carville - whom I usually admire - called it "an act of betrayal."

    funny how the HRC bunch sounds more and more like the GWB bunch.
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    Tom Wingo - "would lose" ? You might be credible if you bothered to notice the choice of words re "in play". And bother yourself to read my post above regarding AZ that goes beyond the Hispanic dimension.

    Regarding Texas, 7.34 million voted in Texas for the 2004 election which Bush won by 1.69 million. If you have the first ever Hispanic man on a White House ticket, it will catch the attention of Hispanics - especially those in the Southwest where Richardson lives.

    Do you have any recollection of the national shock that occurred in April 2006 with the massive coordination of surprise Hispanic marches in 20 cities all across the country protesting the GOP proposed immigration laws ?

    Dallas alone, where an estimated 500,000 people gathered, was the largest demonstration ever in Texas. Take that kind of organized Hispanic turnout combined with a candidate with strong appeal to Independents (aided by unpopular Bush/McCain policies) and I don't think it's a stretch to say even Texas "might be in play".

  26. Sii

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    Interesting fact from a NYT story this morning in regard to Richardsons endorsement

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    Osama? how typical
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    Most hispanic voters in Texas won't even know a guy names "Richardson" is hispanic. And the Tony Sanchez comparison is highly valid, given he spent $100 million attempting to rally the hispanic vote.

    But I hope they feel Texas is in play. I know Noriega hopes they do, given he can't raise any money. Please, spend money here. I welcome it. It will be wasted, Texas will still go red, and tens of millions won't have been spent in other swing states.

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