Bill Simmons admits he was wrong about Augustin

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    The Link

    It's in "Five Fantasy Pickups for You" (under the LeBron pic)

    That dude was hating on DJ since his freshman year. He fell in love with Durant, so he started watching a ton of our games. He hated DJ, thought he played out of control (he was somewhat right about that his freshman year but didn't notice how well he improved in his sophomore year)

    Then in the NBA draft, he criticized the Bobcats drafting him and kept calling him, D.J. "career backup" Augustin.

    At least he's owning up.


    His very first line in the article is "Just four weeks into the season, we're down to six contenders for the 2009 NBA title: Cleveland, Boston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Utah and San Antonio."

    Notice that he conveniently leaves out the Rockets. It's because he's been doubting them this whole time and is a big time Yao-hater. Houston's already beaten the Hornets without Alston and is currently the #2 seed in the West, despite a banged up T-Mac, and Battier not playing a single game yet. Utah still sucks on the road, including a loss to the Wizards.
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    He left out the Rockets because he knows they're a playoffs joke.
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    I'm a Rockets fan, but I dont think they're playing like contenders. And b/c they've haven't done anything of note in the playoffs, i get picking the Spurs ahead of them.

    As for Augustin, the tough thing is to catch one their games. I'd like to see him play rather than just being impressed with boxscores. They're so terrible they're never on tnt or espn.
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    How many games does the NBA play? 300 something a season?

    I think those picks will change dramatically before they are done. And who cares what that *** face says?
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    Each team plays 82 games
  6. GemStateJim

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    I stopped reading Simmons two years ago, when he took it upon himself to repeatedly refer to Barnes as an idiot (or was it a moron?).

    I could care less if a columnist criticizes Texas or the program, but to sit in the relative safety of your Boston home and call some guy in Austin, who happens to be one of the most respected coaches in the game, an idiot simply because you don't agree with how he runs the team, well, it's more than a little chickenshit, in my opinion.

    It was also flat-out wrong. Barnes was right--the team was much better that year when everyone got involved rather than sitting around and watching Durant force things.

    The only good thing about Bill Simmons are his initials--they're perfect for what he writes.
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    He writes a humor column about sports. The fact that he might be the best NBA writer is more a sad commentary about NBA writers than an accolade about him. At least he's owing up to his error.
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    I'm a Rockets fan. Until I see this team fully healthy for an extended period of time, I will also doubt their ability to go deep in the playoffs.
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    Simmons' work is funny only because it is complete unfounded stupidity in two page ramblings.
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    Well played GemStateJim!

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    Simmons lives in L.A., not Boston. And he's right about more things in the NBA than he is wrong.

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