Black Lives Matter; The Cerebral Warlords of Our Time

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by iatrogenic, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Mr. Deez

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    Have white applicants applied and just been told to pound sand?
  2. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    we just sit on it so long that they eventually go somewhere else. In cybersecurity there are 10 jobs for every 1 applicant. It doesn't take them very long to find another option.
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    I see. Well, for it to turn on the company, somebody would have to find out what's going on and sue. If they're quickly finding jobs somewhere else, that's not likely to happen. And of course, if they sue, then somebody with knowledge of the racial discrimination would have to testify under oath.
  4. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    a few things on this....
    1. The question shouldn't be about "lack of effort". It should be about CHOICES. The choices you make at life's major inflection points matter much more than whether you work 5 hrs more than the guy next to you. Choose to commit a crime. Life is always going to be harder for you. Choose to get pregnant before you are married. Life is always going to be harder for you. This is true no matter your race. CHOICES!!!
    2. I find the big disparity between "preferential" college and job placement vs. reparations (just pay me) to be quite telling.
    3. that anyone would say they expect racism to get worse in the future just shows how far out in left field they are. I have looked and I can't recall a single statistic that demonstrates anything but progress. more POC's in office, more in boardrooms, more in college, and on and on. The only place racism seems to getting bigger is in the MSM and Dem's playbooks. It used to be a chapter. Now it is woven into every agenda item they have. Climate change=racism, taxes=racism, education=racism, and on and on.
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  5. nashhorn

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    BO your point #3 resonates soundly with me - completely agree.
  6. Horn2RunAgain

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    Poor Al Sharpton. No love for him on the border. This was a few weeks ago, slipped right by me

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    Newest group
    Moms against SUVs
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  14. AC

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    BLM is just an extension of the Great Reset agenda. Destroy the nuclear family no matter what it takes.
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  18. theiioftx

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    Wait and watch these idiots riot when the police officer who shot Daunte Wright gets acquitted.
  19. Monahorns

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    In the BLM dictionary "struggle for Black freedom" = actively helping us work toward Marxist revolution.

    I'm not joking. And it then makes total sense why they support Smollett. They aren't stupid. They're evil.
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  20. mchammer

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  21. bystander

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    My wife's son is in college and wants to be in cybersecurity (he's an IT major). So you're saying it's a good career path? Anything words of advice?
  22. utahorn

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    I teach Cybersecurity and it is a great field. I have decades (makes me sound old) of IT experience as well as certifications and to me it is the IT field to pursue. However, it's a broad field, what does he want to do? Forensics, Penetration Testing, Network Defense?

    Reality check: 10 jobs for each applicant? That might be true but what I am seeing is companies who want the "perfect" candidate. One that meets all requirements and that rarely happens.

    On December 1st I was informed that I was being laid off along with 1/3 of all of our employees. This was our third round of layoffs. My last day is December 31st. Many of my associates didn't get that much notice.

    I'm looking and applying (USAA, AA, etc.) no responses so far. It does not mean that jobs are not out there, it means that companies are still looking for the perfect fit.

    My advice to him is to look at internships that might be available while he is in college. Talk to his professors and see what might be available.

    It is a broad field and one that could lead to a long career. Please contact me if you need more information.
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  23. bystander

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    Thanks for the response. I'm not sure which field (forensics, penetration etc).

    How would you describe the perfect candidate in terms of knowledge and other attributes?

    So sorry to hear about the layoff. That is tough. I've been very lucky in my career.
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  24. utahorn

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    I looked a recent posting for a Senior IT manager. One requirement was the agility to get under desks to connect equipment. That is not reality. I've never seen a Senior Manager do that sort of work. Most don't even understand Networking. Sad.

    Knowledge comes more from experience than from a book. That is why I suggested some sort of work program while in college.

    I tell my students, "On an Interview, you might be asked ....." What a good interviewer is looking for is an honest answer. When I interviewed IT candidates for Capital One I respected "I haven't done that yet" rather than a BS answer.

    Have him download Wireshark, Cisco Packet Tracer and Nmap (searchable and FREE) Free is good. Even for an entry level position, this could give him a leg up on the competition. They have great tutorials.

    IMPORTANT: Do not run Wireshark or Nmap on a corporate network without WRITTEN authorization. Could get you fired. Run them on your home Network.
  25. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    Good stuff. I appreciate it. I'll forward your comments to him.

    THANKS and good luck in your job search!!!! Maybe crawling under tables is the ticket!
  26. mb227

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    FWIW, the agency I used to work with (not IT field) would routinely include ALL of the tasks that may be expected of an underling simply because the supervisor SHOULD know how to do with the work even if they are not actually DOING the work.
  27. Horn2RunAgain

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    Good luck on the search, uta. Sorry to hear of the layoff
  28. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    I would suggest something in cloud. probably solutions architect. in my opinion Cyber security is undergoing a similar transition to car manufacturers did with TQM. More and more emphasis is being put into front end "correct design" and less into back end "fix it". "A Cloud Guru" has a really nice and affordable platform ($400) or so, and the certs you get out of it will pay off HUGE.
  29. nashhorn

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    D***, if I wasn’t so old I’d be interested.
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  30. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    This is accurate. We suffer from this at my firm. Lower levels appreciate the dilemma but getting higher levels to craft a hiring plan just for IT/Cyber talent is a bureaucratic mess. It is a problem that is widely talked about in our field.

    as a hiring guy, i try to look for signs that the candidate is really interested in tech. they've done their own outside school projects that they can talk about. they've pursued certs on their own, etc. This field changes monthly and if you are not really interested in it, you get swept away by the next wave. you have to be a self-learner. If you can get that across in an interview, i think many people will give you a chance.

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