Black Lives Matter; The Cerebral Warlords of Our Time

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by iatrogenic, Jul 13, 2016.

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    Read thread and comments.

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    This probably belongs in the BLM thread:

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    I think we can definitively state that California is a kleptocracy.
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    No, state of reparations
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    What is interesting is that the books are shown in the filings to be in the care of Kailee Scales at the same address, yet they list a New York phone number.

    Perhaps not coincidentally, Kailee Scales is associated with some group in New York, also with a 917 area code number.

    Sadly, the Biden administration won't do jack in the way of an investigation despite the tax fraud that appears to have occurred. And I would be surprised if the New York AG did anything since they share a characteristic as well...we KNOW that Gascon won't do anything in Los Angeles given that he doesn't believe in prosecution of criminals.
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    Remember - everything is illegal, but the law is only used against the enemies of the State. The Burn Loot Movement could film themselves using donated money to buy drugs and snort it up their noses, post it on YouTube, and face no charges.

    "No prosecutor would pursue, no jury would convict"...

    Welcome to post-law America.
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    I've got a friend who is a flight attendant. on a recent flight, she had a black female passenger attempt to move from coach to business class. When she confronted this passenger, the passenger claimed..... "you owe me this. You've been oppressing me for so many years". Airlines do move people, but usually when offering business class, they attempt to reward frequent patrons...not skin color. I thought about putting this one under "American is Lost" because that seems appropriate also.
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    Wow mc
    That means it wouldn't have been just a lovefest street fair
    it would have become a brick and motar lovefest
    These people are sick
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    You know it's bad when California is complaining about BLM. Oh wait, it's California - they just want the money!
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    Commies always fight against each other. It's like the Sith in Star Wars. There is never an army of them because they are always busy trying to kill each other.
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  21. theiioftx

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    :rolleyes1::rolleyes1:It’s not like he stormed the capitol or anything.
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    Unarmed, climbing in a window, and a veteran.
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    I'm still looking for the guys who did a real insurrection in Seattle by taking over several city blocks by force and declaring themselves no longer part of the US to be charged with sedition. I'll die of old age before that happens I guess.

    Meanwhile, the FBI has now been caught in a serious lie in the sedition case against the Oath Keepers. I can't wait to see what happens when the trial starts.
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    To be fair the Canadian truckers have made their own autonomous zone outside of the Ottawa Capital. Lot less violence and destruction, but same principle.
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    No, blocking roads is not the same as taking over and declaring an independent country.
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    And it is Canada, not the USA.
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  28. iatrogenic

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    Allow me to retort; 130 grain, boat-tail, .270 caliber, Ruger. Stops the hate.
  29. horninchicago

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    Yep. Then you end up like the St. Louis attorney couple who merely wielded weapons and their lives have been ruined.
  30. Monahorns

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    Well. They have set up a self-functioning community. They are also calling for the resignation of a Prime Minister. Lots of overlap there.
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