Blanco River Property in Wimberley for sale

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    I reluctantly have decided to try and sell my Blanco river home in Wimberley. It was a 45 minute drive from my house to DKR about 20 years ago when I was a regular at home games. The property is listed now with a realtor and my contract expires mid October. I am disgusted with the realtor, they are only showing the property to locals and that is not the market I need. This is a vacation, weekend home which is how I used it.

    I have 160 feet of Blanco River frontage, a two bedroom home and a separate structure with an efficiency apartment, garage, and car port. My house and the house next door are the only two houses within miles either direction that DID NOT FLOOD in the historic 2015 Blanco River flood. Some homes are totally gone.

    This is the realtors virtual tour that for some reason leaves out the first floor bathroom. Please do not contact the realtor, I am going to split the commission as a price reduction and they have not earned a dime. Contact me if interested and we can discuss details.
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    Beautiful property. Not in the market but best of luck.

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