Bleacher Report on Big XII/Pac-10 Expansion

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Horn Doc, Jun 7, 2010.

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    he's a bitter Husker.

    **** him.
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    Somebody call this guy a Waaaaaaaahmbulance.
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    If you click on his name, "Andy P.," you go to his profile page, which has one quote: "Saw 'em off."

    That's all you need to know.
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    read his short list under that....NU all the way
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    who cares....WE RUN ****. It's that simple. Get used to it. When atm or nebraska's athletic programs bring in 100+ million dollars a year then they can complain and throw their weight around. Until then, sit back and let Texas figure things out for everyone else
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    His name should be Andy MPH.
  9. HousHorn09

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    Well at least he achieved his goal of obtaining a good amount of viewership: Just &#62;1400 article viewings.

    That's what the Bleacher Report wants him to do.

    So what if he's a Husker? He has his opinion and I have mine. He has his loyalties and I have mine. And my opinion suggests that his opinion simply doesn't matter.

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    The problem is not that he has an opinion, the problem is that it is an uninformed and intellectually lazy one.

    The reason that the Ultimatum is aimed at Nebraska and Missouri is because the other B12 schools, including Texas, have all signed off on it. They have already declared their loyalty and commitment.

    But as stated above, the point wasn't to relay facts or stir creative thinking, it was simply to drive viewership at Bleacher Report. And he got what he wanted.
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    NU has had a hard-on for UT since the creation of the B12, and this guy is just another of their parrots squawking abt big, mean, pushy Texas.

    or aren't you aware of that history over the past 15 years?

    and why does my opinion abt his opinion make it your business and warrant your opinion?
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    Can't stand whiners. Just annoying.

    Nebraska can and should look out for themselves. If their offer from the Big 10 is legit, more power to them.

    Texas should also look out for themselves, and they are. This is just business.
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    I realize that putz's like this don't speak for the entire fanbase, but the fact that they speak so loud makes it difficult not to judge the entire fanbase based on comments such as these. I remember when the Big 12 was formed and those teams up north didn't feel that the new SWC teams would compete.

    Now, the seething envy displayed by these people is almost unbearable. If we hadn't enjoyed the success on the football field like we have, and Nebraska had continued to win as they were, then we wouldn't even be an afterthought to them.

    These people have hated us since James Brown opened his mouth before the Big 12 conference game, and their contempt has only grown since.

    They've declined in status, we've risen. They want us to feel guilty for our success, and responsible for their decline. Good Riddance.
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    Lighten up Francis (aka mesohorny)

    My "so what if he's a Husker" wasn't directed at you. It was a general comment. He could be aggy, Jawhawk or Tiger for all I care. I read the article (regretted losing those 2 minutes) and determined that what he had to say was 100% irrelevant and nothing more than a puff piece. He's a sports journalist driving for viewership.

    In my opinion, of course.
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    ******** like that is why I rarely read BleacherReport. Life is too short.
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    What a crybaby.

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    Does this mean NU's answer is "no"?

    Next week at this time I hope we know what's what.
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    Sadly, you could have substituted all references to Nebraska with "Fighting Texas Aggies" and I wouldn't have noticed.

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