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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Hookem123, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Many called it last year when Big Game Bob conned poor Sam into returning. Bob knew his OL wouldn't be able to protect Sam, but he did it anyway.

    Sam Bradford should have never been hurt, his only worries should be carrying a clip board and cashing checks.
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    This is a ridiculous post and I will give you a chance to pretend that you were being sarcastic.
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    So, you think Bradford will be drafted higher in the next draft than where he would have been drafted last year?
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    This is a ridiculous response and I will give you the chance to pretend that you weren't being so condescending.
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    Oh, you don't have to pretend, I was being condescending. Stoops "fooled" Bradford into coming back knowing all along the risk of injury was so great that he was morally and ethically obligated to send young Sam into the NFL. Yeah, god forbid that Sam might actually like playing college football with a chance to lead the then #3 team in the country to a national championship. If only someone had told him his left guard was going to miss a block against an undersized BYU player.

    I hate ousucks, but these "Stoops is at fault for Bradford's injury" comments are stupid.

    Yes, his draft stock might go down. There is a risk every time the player sets foot on the field. Were you urging Vince to leave early? Did you encourage Colt to do the same?

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    I thought this OU OL was supposed to be more athletic than last years ? That's what a couple of OU posters on this board were spouting a few weeks back.
    What do you think now after seeing all of the slow white guys from BYU in your backfield ?
    By the way, I do feel sorry for Bradford as I really think he is a great kid, however, I have no love lost for SpongeBob.
    It is still a long season and anything can happen.
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    i thought this post was about kvet fm with the old Sam and Bob morning show
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    Here is whats even better karma -

    OU plays their starters until the 4th quarter last year, piling up the points. Never getting their back-ups any reps.

    Then, when they need their back-ups to come in and produce, they are like deer in headlights.
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    I hate the Sooners also, but agree that blaming Bradford's injury on Stoops is stupid, like Stoops himself. Sam is only a junior this year, so his wanting to play for a 3rd year and (potentially) help his team compete for another Big 12 and/or national championship is a credit to Sam and not something to blame on Bob. Big-game Bob can rightfully be blamed for losing the BYU game, however.

    I remember reading Mack saying he never tries to talk a player into staying, but to simply help them get the facts (about their potential draft position) and then let them make up their own mind. Paraphrased, Mack said a player will resent you [the coach] for talking them into staying if they in fact had really wanted to turn pro.
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    actually in vince's case, i have to wonder if he wishes now he had come back. i think another year here would have made his transition a bit smoother. i think he was learning pretty fast here.

    one advantage for bradford coming back is that he hadn't played that much where he has to make decisions while running for his life. this year, if he comes back, he will get lots of that experience. will be good preparation for the next level if he survives.

    i wish him well regardless. seems like a real up front kid.
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    Mainly I remember Pete Carroll saying to the press Vince should go pro, while in no way encouraging Leinart to go after they beat down ou ( a likely top 3 pick). Also publicly discouraged Sanchez (#4 pick) from going pro. I'll bet Taylor Mays was also encouraged to stay. He didn't want to play Vince again....

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